ERP Application Development To Strengthen Mobile Finance

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | June 21, 2022

The mainstream use of mobile devices, especially smartphones has made lives easier across the globe. That said, mobile applications play a crucial role in uplifting the living standards of people by virtue of digitization. Similarly, enterprises operating in all major industries, rely more on mobile apps as compared to web applications. As a matter of fact, the increasing business use cases of mobile apps for financial management have paved the way for an entirely new discipline called mobile finance. 

As the name suggests, mobile finance refers to the use of mobile devices for financial management. Here, enterprises use cross-platform mobile applications to remotely manage their mission-critical accounting and financial operations. With mobile ERP solutions at their disposal, sales teams may gain access to financial information anytime and anywhere. All they need to is a compatible mobile device and a stable internet connection. 

Mobile ERP Solutions For Financial Management

Here, we shall explore the significance of mobile ERP solutions for financial management. Subsequently, we highlight the two most effective accounting software platforms for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). 


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The Importance of Mobile ERP Solutions For Financial Management

ERP application development and implementation have become increasingly important for businesses operating in all major industries. Implementing ERP systems renders an integrated software architecture for business process management with a focus on automating complex repetitive tasks. At the same time, it streamlines mission-critical business workflows, improves business communications, and builds resilience for the future. 

Nevertheless, it is equally important to keep pace with the latest technological developments to stay ahead of the curve. That said, mobile ERP solutions have become an integral part of the business process management strategy due to their apparent benefits. It further escalated the demand for cloud ERP development since cloud applications are ideal for mobile devices. 

In this context, mobile ERP solutions for financial management could help enterprises sail through the complexities of finance and accounting. In the following section, we shall focus on selecting the right mobile ERP solutions for accounting and financial management. 


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Selecting The Right Mobile ERP Solutions For Financial Management

Now that we understand the importance of mobile ERP solutions for financial management, it is crucial to understand which software platform is the best fit for your business. Here, we highlight the two main software platforms that lets you build scalable mobile ERP solutions for financial management



Acumatica is a cloud-exclusive accounting software package that enables enterprises to build custom accounting solutions for diverse business needs. The platform is mainly focused on helping small-to-medium enterprises with accounting, bookkeeping, payroll processing, invoicing, taxation management, and similar financial activities. 



QuickBooks is a standalone accounting software package that enables enterprises to create and track invoices, manage financial statements, maintain billing records, payroll processing, manage taxations, and more. Developed and maintained by Intuit, it is one of the most popular accounting software packages that is best suited for small-to-medium businesses. With QuickBooks, you get a comprehensive suite of software tools for developing scalable accounting solutions from the ground up. Unlike Acumatica, QuickBooks renders support for both on-premise and cloud-based applications for effective financial management. 


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Both QuickBooks and Acumatica offer promising mobile ERP solutions for financial management. Nevertheless, Acumatica is only suitable for building cloud accounting solutions while QuickBooks also renders support for on-premise applications. Once you have made a choice for the software package, the next step is to select the best possible tech stack. Besides, it is equally important to choose a trusted technology platform to develop the application and customize it as per your business requirements. 

At Oodles ERP, we provide complete enterprise software solutions to help enterprises sail through their routine operational challenges. Our custom ERP application development services enable SMBs to streamline their operations and achieve higher levels of productivity while significantly reducing overhead costs. We use open-source software platforms and next-gen technologies to build high-quality business applications at cost-effective rates. To learn more about our ERP software development services, drop us a line at [email protected].

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