The Importance of eCommerce Mobile App Development In 2022

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | November 12, 2021

eCommerce Mobile App Development 2022

The eCommerce app market has grown substantially over recent years. In early 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic became rampant across the globe, several retailers, merchants, and brick-and-mortar businesses turned to eCommerce. Besides, the social distancing norms imposed by governments in view of the pandemic brought unprecedented changes to customers’ buying patterns. As a result, a majority of customers preferred online shopping rather than visiting offline stores for their daily purchases. Experts claim that this drastic change in shopping patterns and buying habits of customers is going to last longer than previously anticipated. 

As of today, mobile eCommerce accounts for a major chunk of online purchases owing to the growing popularity of smartphones and mobile devices. An increasing number of online shoppers are of the opinion that purchasing online via mobile devices is faster and saves time. According to Oberlo, 75 percent of online shoppers prefer mobile eCommerce or mCommerce due to faster online purchases. The current trends indicate that this number is bound to increase in the coming months as well. 

In this blog post, we shall delve into the importance of eCommerce mobile app development in 2022 and beyond. Subsequently, we shall discover the technological advancements that are going to disrupt the mCommerce industry in the near future. 


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eCommerce Mobile App Development In 2022

eCommerce mobile app development brings a multitude of benefits to retailers, merchants, and consumers all along. In the following section, we talk about the main benefits of eCommerce mobile app development and why it is important to invest in mCommerce in 2022. 


Strengthening Online Presence

Developing a mobile application for any business is a crucial step towards digital transformation and is conducive to strengthening a brand’s online presence. Besides, it enables enterprises to grow, expand, and reach their potential customers online to generate new revenue streams. A mobile app is more effective than a website to engage customers and push them down the sales funnel. It is, therefore, advisable to invest in eCommerce mobile app development in 2022 to edge ahead of your competitors by strengthening your online presence. 


Improved Customer Experiences

It is quite evident that mobile apps are relatively faster than websites and deliver improved customer experiences across a variety of devices. Surprisingly, both websites and mobile apps run on the same server with notable variations in the data transmission rate. Nevertheless, in the case of a mobile app, data is partially stored on the mobile device. Therefore, the eCommerce mobile app loads faster and is usually more responsive than its web version. 


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Better Personalization

In today’s tech-driven world, personalization is the key to driving customer engagement and building long-term customer relationships. An effective eCommerce strategy requires you to optimize your application UI in accordance with your customers’ likes, preferences, and buying habits. Similarly, we can use customers’ browsing history to send personalized offers, discounts, and push notifications on their mobile devices. Not only does it increase chances of sales and conversions but also aids in gaining customer loyalty. 


Omnichannel Customer Outreach

Delivering omnichannel experiences to customers has become a crucial part of the eCommerce strategy as it directly impacts customer loyalty. As per the omnichannel approach to online shopping, you must provide seamless connectivity to customers via all possible communication channels. That said, eCommerce mobile app development paves new ways for customers to reach your online store while also strengthening customer service efforts across mobile devices. 


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Closing Remarks

Taking into account the aforementioned benefits of mCommerce, it seems like an opportune time to opt for eCommerce mobile app development in 2022. More so because it would help them gain a competitive edge in the market which in turn is likely to drive maximum sales growth. In many cases, small-scale retail businesses can do fine with an eCommerce website and may not necessarily require a mobile app. However, it is essential to optimize an eCommerce website for mobile devices to ensure that you do not miss out on mobile users. Alternatively, you can opt for hybrid or progressive web app development to deliver native app-like experiences across mobile devices. 


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