E-commerce ERP Integration: To Revolutionize Retail Business

Posted By : admin | February 23, 2018

E-commerce ERP Integration

E-commerce is one of the most revolutionized methods of selling products at relatively low cost. But, is your e-commerce storefront ERP system ready? Often e-commerce business owners use e-commerce and ERP software solutions separately, making a plethora of information and missing out on the advantages of an integrated system. Imagine being able to get the e-commerce data directly from an ERP system without any manual interpretation. Now, read on to 7 key benefits that you can get when opting for E-commerce ERP integration.

Why E-commerce ERP Integration?
Increased self-service functionality:-

The availability of data in real-time from an ERP system on to the storefront allows users (customers) to go through available inventory, latest order status, and shipment tracking with tracking numbers. It helps them in lowering their cost of operations, and thus, improving customer experiences with you store-front.

Reduced inventory cost by providing updated sales information:

All online sales information instantly appear on your ERP system. And ERP item inventory will also be updated as per the web transactions. Eventually, with the most updated information and inventory users of ERP software solutions can plan their purchase accordingly and reduce the inventory cost.

Generate accurate financial reports in ERP as per your online transactions:- 

Although e-commerce applications can generate financial reports on sales, e-commerce ERP integration provides the merchant with the ability to create Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, P/L statement, Cash Flow, etc. Further, laying the foundation for transparency in financial information throughout the company.

Increased productivity within the company:

It’s because the integrated system helps streamline various business processes, as well as, reduces the human resource involvement in those processes.

The ERP system further integrates online orders and an ERP user back office can instantly monitor them and start the further processing. Therefore the order fulfilment cycle can be controlled through this integration.

Reduced Manual Interpretation, Data Redundancy, and errors:

With e-commerce ERP integration, web customer details, online orders, and payment and shipping get integrated into a single ERP system. Similarly, item and inventory information can be uploaded from an ERP software solution to an e-commerce portal, thus, eliminating the need for re-entering the data. Altogether, you can have reduced human involvement,  data redundancy and errors on two platforms.

Increased Customer Satisfaction:-

E-commerce ERP integration can promise you most up to date product details, inventory information, tracking details of online orders, etc.

Effective Control over your Business:-

The Integration of e-commerce and ERP software solutions provide big and SME business owners with consistent control of the business and thus, achieving competitive advantage.

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