Custom ERP Development For Operations Management

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | April 21, 2021

Operations management in enterprises is an increasingly complex process that involves a series of data-driven strategies to efficiently run a business. It includes agile data processing techniques like predictive analytics, data mining, predictive forecasting, modeling, and machine learning. In addition to using dedicated software tools, custom ERP development provides a proactive approach to manage operations with increased flexibility. Besides, a fully integrated ERP system automates complex operational tasks including process design, project planning, capacity optimization, inventory management, process scheduling, and quality control. As a business grows and its operations get more convoluted, developing and implementing a custom ERP solution becomes more critical. 

In this post, we highlight the importance of custom ERP software development for operations management with a focus on next-gen technologies like predictive analytics and business intelligence. 

Custom ERP Development For Operations Management


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Reasons For Using ERP Solutions In Operations Management

An increasing number of businesses in all major industries rely on technology to efficiently run and manage their day-to-day operations. That said, many companies have already implemented ERP systems across diverse business verticals to leverage advanced automation capabilities. 


A fully-integrated ERP system offers an exhaustive range of features and several benefits over traditional software tools and MRP systems. Besides, it automates a major part of administrative processes and provides real-time insights into business data. Above all, it significantly reduces manual complexities and enables enterprises to overcome industry-specific challenges with less manual strain. 


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Benefits of ERP For Operations Management

Custom ERP development for operations management offers a number of benefits to enterprises. We have already discussed some of the main benefits that enterprises can avail by developing a custom ERP software. Now let’s delve into some other crucial features and benefits of custom ERP development for operations management. 


Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

An increasing number of enterprises are using business intelligence tools to capitalize on their customer data and other data sources. ERP software development services gives you access to agile BI tools and machine learning features for large-scale data processing and analysis. In doing so, you can extract valuable information about their customers’ likes, preferences, and buying habits. Having this information at your disposal would help you make important business decisions to improve operational strategies and deliver better customer service.


Inventory/Warehouse Management

Implementing a full-scale ERP solution for operations management gives you access to dedicated inventory and WMS modules that are easy to scale and manage. Furthermore, it facilitates seamless coordination between inventory and supply chain processes, keeping warehouse/supply chain managers up-to-date with the latest data. Besides, ERP-based SCM modules are conducive to efficiently managing and overseeing supply chain processes with better control over inventory movements. 


Human Resource Management

Human resource management (HRM) is yet another crucial business function that requires sheer diligence and arduous manpower efforts. Nevertheless, with an ERP software, enterprises may rest assured as it automatically handles operational complexities pertaining to human resource management. Developing a custom HRM module is an effective way to efficiently manage a variety of tasks including recruitment, onboarding, attendance/leave tracking, and performance management. 


Customer Relationship Management

Similar to human resource management, customer relationship management is imperative to the success of any organization. Therefore, it is essential to have an ERP-based CRM system in place to manage customer interactions, augment sales activities, and develop long-term customer relationships. The CRM module also incorporates BI features to improve customer service efforts and optimize sales/marketing operations for better conversion. Above all, it aids in delivering maximum customer satisfaction that is conducive to building healthy customer relationships.  


Accounting and Payroll

Managing corporate finances in the absence of an ERP system could be a back-breaking task for most organizations. A majority of enterprises use ERP-based financial management modules to gain control over their financial assets and manage accounts payables/receivables, taxations, and payroll data. Besides, it helps them create monthly, weekly, and quarterly financial reports for routine audits. The invoicing module automatically generates custom invoices to bill the customers at the end of the billing cycle. 


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While implementing ERP in your enterprise processes, it normally comes down to two main choices i.e build a custom solution or install an off-the-shelf system. The second option is always available and it lets you get off the ground in no time. On the contrary, the first option may require several days or weeks of strenuous effort to deliver the final product. Nevertheless, a custom ERP solution is more likely to benefit you in the long run as it’s built specifically to address your business needs. Understandably, custom ERP development for operations management is all about building a product that is best suited for your business. Also, it is critical to choose the right software tools and a reliable technology partner to extract maximum benefits from the product. 


We, at Oodles ERP, specialize in building custom ERP solutions to overcome diverse operational challenges persisting in different industries. Our custom ERP development services enable enterprises to streamline their inbound/outbound processes and boost operational efficiency. We use open-source tools like Odoo, ERPNext, Apache OFBiz, and Opentaps to build enterprise-grade Best ERP software solutions for cross-industry business use cases. For more information, drop us a line at [email protected].

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