Custom ERP Development For Agriculture Management

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | March 3, 2021

The agriculture industry serves as the backbone of the food supply chain and fuels the world economy in multiple ways. With agriculture being the main source of income for a majority of the rural population, it is perceived as the impetus for developing countries. It’s quite evident that increased agricultural output contributes substantially to the economic development of a country. Therefore, strengthening their agricultural sector through tech-driven farming techniques should be the first priority of government organizations as well as public/private agro-businesses. 


Custom ERP Development For Agriculture Management

In addition to implementing smart farming techniques that incorporate the use of IoT devices, it is increasingly important to have ERP systems in place. Custom ERP development for agriculture management enables agro-institutes and government organizations to efficiently manage their food supply chain processes. From procurement to production and distribution, an ERP software enables automation across all major agro-business functions. Besides, it significantly reduces the overall production costs, yields better productivity, and faster food processing. Let’s move ahead and discuss the main benefits of custom ERP development for agriculture management. 


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Essential ERP Features For Agriculture Management

While implementing ERP in agriculture management, you must customize it to target the most critical areas including livestock tracking and crop residue management. Therefore, the features in an agriculture-based ERP system may vary considerably as compared to other industry use cases. Custom ERP development for agriculture management generally focuses on implementing the following features:


Regulatory Compliance

To ensure the safe handling of crops and food resources, it is essential for agro-businesses and organizations to comply with government-imposed regulations. Therefore, ERP for agriculture management must include compliance features that would enable agro-farming companies to align their operations in adherence to the local regulatory policies. Besides, the compliance feature aids in keeping close tabs on the farming activities with a focus on quality control. 


Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is the most sought-after ERP feature that is required in every business area regardless of the industry. Similarly, financial accounting is a crucial aspect of agro-farming businesses that requires a dedicated software module for effective financial management. In the absence of ERP, financial management could be a tedious and time-consuming task, not to mention the possibility of errors due to manual processing. It is, therefore, essential to have a dedicated ERP module in place to effectively manage diverse financial management processes. 

Moreover, with the availability of BI tools and predictive analytics features, ERP significantly improves financial planning and yields effective decision-making. 


Livestock Tracking

Several large-scale poultry farms and meat processing plants use custom ERP software solutions for livestock tracking and breeding management. Besides, a custom ERP solution can be designed to monitor livestock health and schedule appointments with the veterinarian if required. Besides, it creates a tamper-proof record of past veterinary visits and medication history.  


Field Mapping

In agriculture management, it is critical to monitor field conditions and conduct on-field checkups to analyze soil fertility. In this context, ERP systems can be increasingly beneficial as they can extract relevant data from IoT sensors. Further processing and analyzing this data would reveal valuable information about field conditions and soil quality. Based on its data analysis, it would further recommend the right use of fertilizers on the given piece of land. 


Crop Management

Proactively monitoring crop quality with respect to atmospheric conditions is imperative to yield better productivity in the agriculture business. Custom ERP development for agriculture management is conducive to effectively handling an exhaustive range of farming activities. It includes planting, tilling, fertilization, pest control, and irrigation amongst other critical processes. At the same time, it ensures that all activities are performed as per the schedule to ensure efficient crop production and cultivation. 


At Oodles, we provide end-to-end ERP application development services to solve cross-industry business problems through advanced automation techniques. Our custom ERP software solutions enable enterprises to streamline their complex business processes and enhance operational efficiency. We also provide custom ERP development solutions for the agriculture industry with a focus on next-gen technologies to yield better agricultural productivity. For more information, please visit or drop us an email at [email protected].

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