Odoo ERP For Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | January 6, 2021

The advent of the fourth industrial revolution brought several technological reforms in prevalent business strategies adopted by all major industries. From the internet of things to cloud computing, present-day businesses are equipped with advanced software tools and cutting-edge technologies. Likewise, an increasing number of businesses are adopting data-driven strategies to upscale their products, services, and deliver greater value to customers. That being said, implementing business intelligence and data analysis methods has become essential for businesses to sustain the cut-throat competition. BI tools and data analytics modules can unlock scores of benefits for enterprises, enabling them to grow, expand, and keep pace with the ever-evolving technology landscape. 


Odoo ERP Development Services

Despite the benefits, implementing BI and data analytics features in your existing business model might be a hard nut to crack. Nevertheless, Odoo has come up with a set of tools that make it increasingly simple to implement these features and use them too. All you need is a team of developers to build an enterprise module using Odoo or integrate BI features into your existing enterprise system. 


At Oodles ERP, we specialize in BI application development and custom enterprise software development using Odoo to address complex business challenges. Our Odoo ERP development services enable cross-industry enterprises to streamline their operations and boost productivity with advanced problem-solving capabilities. 

Based on our experience in Odoo implementation services, we highlight the main benefits of Odoo ERP with a focus on implementing BI features. 


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Brief About Odoo ERP

Odoo is a suite of business process management tools that renders complete software development support for diverse business use cases. Odoo offers 10+ dedicated modules to effectively handle diverse business processes including CRM, HRM, finance, accounting, manufacturing, inventory, and eCommerce. The main advantage of using Odoo ERP is that you get an open-source community version that is free to use under a general public license. Since you don’t need to purchase a software license, it significantly reduces the overall project cost. For this reason, the community version is best suited for small-to-medium enterprises. 


Business Intelligence Features In Odoo

Odoo provides a robust software interface for data visualization and analysis that enables enterprises to capitalize on their data sources. Odoo provides an insightful dashboard interface and advanced business intelligence capabilities to analyze data and extract hidden value. Let’s move ahead and delve into the main features of Odoo for business intelligence and data analysis


Sales Analysis

Odoo provides an intuitive dashboard interface to manage sales data and maintain sales records for future reference. You can apply various filters to retrieve the relevant data in no time or divide it into different segments for easy access. You can use features such as line graph analysis, bar graphs, and pie charts to get an organized view of your sales data. Furthermore, analyzing sales data helps you extract valuable information about your customers buying patterns. Accordingly, you can optimize your sales strategies to reach out to the relevant audience and push them down the sales funnel.  


Lead Nurturing 

Odoo CRM module provides a descriptive graphical view to track and analyze your leads data. It lets you group your leads into various segments based on factors like geographic location (country/state/city), gender, age group, business type, and many others. You can apply filters to easily retrieve the lead data, set time ranges to compare it with the previous leads. It further augments your CRM efforts and lets you build healthy customer relationships.  


Employee Performance Tracking

With Odoo dashboards, you can easily evaluate your CRM efforts as well as the performance of your sales team. As a result, you can take appropriate measures to improve your sales strategy through effective resource allocation and task scheduling.  


Inventory/Stock Level Analysis

Odoo inventory module is equipped with all essential BI tools and analytics features to provide a holistic view of inventory. You get clear reports and real-time insights into inventory and warehouse data. Besides, you track your inventory movements, average delivery time, stock receipts, inventory turnover, and valuation. 


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Closing Thoughts

Implementing BI tools and analytics features into disparate enterprise systems lets you edge ahead of your competitors and sustain the intensifying competition. Predictive analytics algorithms are effective at extrapolating the success rate of a potential business venture and improves decision making. At the same time, business intelligence tools help you analyze your customers’ likes, preferences and buying patterns. BI tools use sentiment analysis to understand your customers’ intent and let you optimize your marketing strategies accordingly. With Odoo, you get all these features and more to strengthen and streamline your business processes. 


Avail Our Odoo ERP Development Services To Strengthen Your Business

We, at Oodles ERP, provide end-to-end Odoo application development services to solve complex business problems for cross-industry use cases. Our development team carefully analyzes your business requirements and formulates effective strategies to deliver maximum benefits through Odoo application development. We also provide full-scale BI software development services to introduce advanced data analytics features that aid in delivering personalized user experiences. We have successfully completed several full-scale Odoo ERP development projects for startups and small-to-medium enterprises from across the globe. For more information, reach us out at [email protected] .

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