How Blockchain Improves CRM Performance And Customer Experience

Posted By : Devesh Singhal | September 21, 2018

Blockchain CRM technology

The blockchain is such a technology that’s going to disrupt nearly all business areas of various industries. It’s a distributed ledger that keeps records of all transactions happening on the network. Blockchain technology is found to be the most secure way of storing and transferring digital assets. For this reason, blockchain holds a great potential for customer service areas in protecting customer-centric sensitive data. Blockchain CRM technology together can enhance (customer relationship management) CRM performance and let you give outstanding modern-day customer experience.


The blockchain is super secure for keeping track of financial transactions between two parties as it forms a series of blocks that are cryptographically linked and cannot be tampered.


Now, let’s move on to see how Blockchain  CRM technology together enhances CRM performance


Below are some areas where Blockchain  CRM technology  improves customer experience :


1- Digital financial transactions

Users working on CRM, mainly deal with the issue of duplication and inaccuracy in customer data. Blockchain can allow both the company and customer to have a copy of their personal information and transaction histories. The technology enhances data security and restricts any third person to tamper the data using smart contracts. By integrating blockchain with CRM, users will get accurate data which they can use to give better customer services.


2. Helps in understanding customer demands

Blockchain  CRM technology enables users to understand customer demand and quickly estimating about where to deploy resources. When your company has access to get a 360-degree view of the current state of your customers, you can take steps to give the customer what they want. In fact, CRM and  Blockchain together provide you a complete view of customer demands. In this manner, employees can skip out from the conventional practice of utilizing CRM to oversee supply for customers. Being able to be aware of the demands of your customer base, helps you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.


3. CRM users can provide better Customer Experience

Customer experience is one of the most important aspects of any industry, to get their customer return again and again. CRM is a software that deals with customer-centric records. However, this sensitive customer data is prone to attacks. Inaccurate customer data can lead to major losses and inefficiency. With a  CRM and blockchain integration, customer information is secure. Because blockchain technology protects data from getting tempered. As a result, it lets your employees give better customer service using that correct data.


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