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Website Url - https://www.unikaksha.com/

Client Brief

Our client wanted to develop a digital education platform for Indian students to grow and upskill themselves by enrolling in IT-related courses. We developed a full-scale online learning platform for students and teachers to join and conduct online classes, webinars, and interactive knowledge sessions. The solution focused on scheduling live classes via zoom links where students and teachers can interact through group chat.

Scope of Work

The client sought our ERP development services to build a custom online learning platform for students and teachers. We were supposed to develop a dedicated backend interface for three main entities i.e students, teachers, and administrators and provide role-based access to various features.

Our Solution

We successfully achieved our client’s requirements with the following deliverables:

  • Developed the application frontend
  • Developed the backend interface for different users
  • Provided auto class recording functionality
  • Developed the functionality for automatic push notifications
  • Provided payment gateway integration

Tech Stack

Amazon S3
AWS Cloud