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Client Brief

Timeforge is a staff scheduling application that streamlines attendance management, simplifies scheduling tasks, and enables accurate payroll management for the retail industry.


Scope of Work

Timeforge sought our ERP development services to improve their application’s user adoption and performance by upgrading its Spring framework from version 2.0 to 4.0.

The application had the following challenges -

  • Upgrading the application’s Spring framework.
  • Inefficient query execution.
  • Delayed shift assignment.
  • Employee onboarding delays.
  • Slow page loading.

Our Solution

Our team of 12 ERP developers analyzed the client’s existing SaaS application including its Spring architecture to fulfill the project requirements. The team used a technology stack consisting of Spring 4.0, PostgreSQL, and Hibernate to overcome our client’s challenges with the following deliverables -

  • Added new dependencies to upgrade to Spring 4.0.
  • Optimized query-ability.
  • Automated scheduling.
  • Integrated Orbeon for efficient onboarding.
  • Optimized page loading speed.

Tech Stack