Therapy Beyond

Client Brief

Therapy Beyond is a clinic and provider management scheduling application designed to optimize and streamline the assignment of providers to patients. With the help of Timefold/OptaPlanner, an AI-based optimization engine, the application intelligently assigns the most suitable providers to patients based on factors like availability, expertise, and patient preferences. This ensures efficient and effective scheduling, leading to improved patient care and overall clinic management. By streamlining the scheduling and management process, the application enables clinics to make the most of their resources and give their patients prompt, individualized care.

Scope of Work

Our goal was to develop a Timefold/OptaPlanner-based clinic and provider management scheduling application that optimizes and automates the assignment of healthcare providers to patients. The solution was aimed at enabling clinics to easily schedule healthcare providers based on various factors like expertise, availability, and patient preferences. To achieve that, the SoW required us to develop an advanced scheduling application that would leverage OptaPlanner’s powerful optimization techniques to meet both hard and soft constraints. The solution aims to enhance resource utilization and improve overall patient care by streamlining the scheduling process, thus ensuring efficient allocation of providers.

Our Solution

We developed a solution that leverages the power of MySQL for robust data storage and retrieval. Besides, it uses Python for efficient data processing and algorithmic optimization and incorporates web technologies to deliver a user-friendly and accessible scheduling platform. Our solution for Timefold/OptaPlanner medical customization includes the following services and technologies:

  • Our solution incorporated the initial set up to ensure its seamless interaction with MySQL database for effective data management.
  • Customization of the Spots as Patients display, improving the user interface with extra features like Patient ID, and offering a thorough view of patient data.
  • Constrained settings allow the system to take into account a number of variables including patient preferences, skill levels, and provider availability, in order to maximize scheduling efficiency.
  • Possible addition of more data including authorized hours, could expand the system's functionality and offer thorough analysis for improved decision-making.

Tech Stack