Salesforce Integration With ERP

Salesforce Integration With ERP

Salesforce integration with ERP has become top priorities for the majority of the businesses for the smooth and efficient functioning of processes. Salesforce (CRM) aims to manage customer information from the front end, whereas ERP is for managing important back-end operations.

Salesforce is the best cloud-based CRM solution available to use for all sizes of organization. Any company who wants to grow and wants a budget-friendly software solution should definitely use Salesforce. Although, Salesforce integration with ERP is complex. But the results are very beneficial for any business. With this integration, customer data will be synchronized in one platform called Salesforce ERP software. ERP handles finance, accounting, and other back-end operation. Customer details are required for executing these operations.

This integration will help to solve the problem of data loss. So, Salesforce integration with ERP presents a complete centralized view of the customers as a whole.

ERP and Salesforce can enable employees to access critical business information in real-time. If you want to serve your customers with real-time information access, then customers can keep track of the order status. The integration will also allow your employees to retrieve critical information like orders, shipments, quotations, customer financial information, returns, order history, pricing, payments, etc., in just a click away.



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