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Client Brief

Mannforce is a human resource management application that tracks the daily tasks of a driver. It simplifies timesheet management, payroll management, attendance management, scheduling, and eCommerce processes.


Scope of Work

Mannforce requested our ERP development services to improve their application’s performance in managing human resources by upgrading its Flectra version.

The application had the following challenges -

  • Upgrading the ERP software (Flectra) version.
  • Resolving issues in eCommerce module.
  • Exposing API’s endpoints.

Our Solution

Our team of ERP developers analyzed the client’s existing ERP software to fulfill the project requirements. The team used a technology stack consisting of Flectra version 1.6 and Flutter for mobile development to overcome our client’s challenges with the following deliverables -

  • Upgraded to Flectra version 1.6.
  • Made eCommerce module error-free.
  • Bypassed price factor.
  • Exposed API’s endpoints.

Tech Stack