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Grant Thornton - GT Bharat

Client Brief

Grant Thornton Bharat is a well-recognized accounting, tax, and advisory firm in India that aims to emerge as a leading provider of all-inclusive advisory services and growth solutions to fast-growing Indian multinational corporations. As a member of the worldwide Grant Thornton network, which spans more than 140 countries and includes over 62,000 professionals, they are dedicated to improving the lives of their customers, coworkers, and the communities they serve. By using their worldwide reach and in-depth knowledge of the region, they aim to deliver outstanding services and foster the growth and prosperity of Indian enterprises.

Scope of Work

The scope of work here was to create a feature-rich Dashboard application for Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University (SVSU) as part of the Grant Thornton Bharat project. The project’s objective was to provide an intuitive and effective platform that facilitates smooth administration of students, faculty, and industrial partner data. To make it easier for the users to upload data from Excel files, we were to develop an Uploader Module. In addition, we had to design distinct dashboards with two tiers of functionality for industry partners, educators, and students. At the same, our team had to build an assessment and placement dashboard with pertinent metrics and visualizations.

Our Solution

We developed an intuitive and user-friendly Dashboard application by combining the best services and technologies. This helps Grant Thornton Bharat manage student, faculty, and industry partner data efficiently, supporting their goal of offering complete advisory and growth solutions to forward-thinking Indian global companies. Following were the deliverables for the Grant Thornton Bharat project:

  • Developed an all-inclusive Dashboard application for SVSU with Angular on the frontend and Spring Boot on the backend.
  • We successfully developed an Uploader module to simplify the process of uploading data from Excel files.
  • Our team created distinct, two-layered dashboards with improved functionality and usability for industry partners, educators, and students.
  • We included pertinent graphs and visualizations in dashboards for placement and assessment to offer insightful information.
  • The frontend development was accomplished using Node.js and AngularJS, allowing for a smooth user experience.

Tech Stack

Angular JS
Node JS
Spring Boot