ERP And CRM Software Solutions

ERP And CRM Software Solutions

When looking forward to streamlining business processes and boost productivity, consider integrating your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Doing so can aid in improving data silos in your company and optimize your business operations. Let’s have a look at following benefits of ERP and CRM software solutions.

ERP and CRM Software Solutions

A 360 degree view of customers.

One of the potential advantages of CRM and ERP integration is that it provides a 360-degree view of your customers. From prospects to finance and accounting to sales and support, ERP software systems offer complete insights into your customers’ needs, order history, buying habits, preferences, account standing, etc. Not only does this information give you a better idea of your customers’ buying characteristics, it can help you form lasting customer relationships and help find where there is a scope for future growth. Also, it can help strengthen your predictions as it can anticipate your customers’ needs before even they do.

Streamline your business processes:

In the past, many business operations were manual and time-consuming as they didn’t have the blessings of an integrated solution. However, by integrating ERP and CRM software solutions, you can enhance the productivity through streamlined processes and automated workflow. In addition, an integrated software solution eliminates the chance of duplication of tasks related to data entry.

Easy access to critical information:

Fully integrated ERP and CRM software solutions can provide your employees with access to important information in real-time. Without this ability, your employees may seem less efficient and your customers will have to pay the price. For instance, if your customer contacts your call center and comes up with a simple query then the call center representative should not leave for other departments to gather the information or enquire with other employees.

In this scenario, a combined ERP, CRM software can empower your employees with access to information they need, exactly when they require it. With a single click, they can access information about inventory levels, customer financials, order history, shipments, returns, pricing, payments, etc.

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