What Makes Python a Game Changer In Automation

Posted By : Nitin Sharma | 29-Oct-2022

The most monotonous, time-consuming jobs may be sped up and simplified using Python automation. You've probably thought, more than once, that there must be a less complicated method to go about and complete a basic activity. In other aspects of your career and life, repetitive chores can be a drag and hinder your creativity and productivity. If only you could automate some of the repetitious duties you do.

Thankfully, there is! It is known as Python. Take it from us that this programming language is excellent for automating processes. There are several excellent websites that go into detail on how Python may be used to automate certain jobs.

Why Python Is An Excellent Option for Automation?

Python's simple syntax is another factor contributing to its popularity among software engineers. Compared to many other programming languages, Python code closely resembles the English language. In comparison to other languages, Python tends to be more compact and takes less lines of code to do the same tasks. Python is very simple to learn for both novice and seasoned programmers.

Python's user-friendliness enables programmers of all experience levels to start writing practical Python scripts with a little investment of time and effort. Python scripts can automate a wide range of tiresome, repetitive operations that consume your time and drain your energy.

But why do Python programs do jobs so well when automated? There is an easy solution. Python has outstanding support for data structures. Data structures enable the storing and accessing of data. Data structures come in a wide variety of forms, including list, set, and even dictionaries. You may even design your own data structures with Python. You can automate just about everything you can think of thanks to this versatility.

There is a tonne of excellent resources for Python, as I said previously. This covers libraries that can assist Python programmers with a variety of tasks, such as web scraping, machine learning, data analysis, and more.

What Activities Can Python Automate?

Automation of Email
You probably don't perform many everyday actions that are as time-consuming and repetitive as sending emails. When you first start using Python, the smtplib library is already included in the language's fundamental libraries. The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol will be used to send emails using this module. The only additional requirement for email automation is a Gmail account.

For the sake of your email automation, it might be wiser to open a different Gmail account as you'll need to enable the option to allow less secure apps for your automation to work effectively. Your data may be less secure as a result.

Less than 20 lines of Python code are required to automate sending emails.

Other applications of automation may be Web Scraping, Generate Reports, Notifications, Triggers, File Operations, and Compiling Data.

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