Ways to Optimize a Wordpress Website

Posted By : Sunil Vishwakarma | 01-Jun-2022

From a study, the average human attention was dropped from 12 seconds to 7 seconds in the year between 2000 to 2016. It results in decreasing time for representing contents on your sites, even some users leave your site before it fully loads. In order to make users remain on your website, you need to optimize your website. Here are some websites that help to know the performance of your site.

  1. PageSpeed google
  2. GTMatrix
  3. Isitwp
  4. Pingdom
  5. Speed Vitals

Here are some points which need to be worked on to optimize your wordpress website.

  1. Choose best hosting
    Hosting plays an important role in website performance. In shared hosting, some of the hosting providers provide good resources to enhance speed performance but many are not sufficient for good speed. In shared hosting, if one site has high traffic then other sites on the same server then it surely be affected from high traffic. Your server is responsible for how your information is quickly passed to users.
  2. Update your themes, plugins and wordpress update
    Like all softwares that comes on your any device, these wordpress’s themes, plugins and wordpress update also needs to be updated whenever new updates are coming. The updated codes are more optimized, secure and scalable. Therefore you need to be updated on all these throughout the time.
  3. Implement cache plugin
    Caching is just like the short memory stored on our device. When the user visits your site, it creates a small amount of memory that is stored in the user's device so that when again the user visits your site it already loads some resources required to load the page, this makes the site open faster. So you need to implement a plugin for that for caching. Wordpress provides many paid and free plugins for cache.
  4. Optimize your images to reduce page load time
    One of the major objects of any page is its images, about 60-70% of any page size is taken by images itself, so you need to optimize images to reduce page size. The heavier the images the heavier the page will be, which results in low performance of the page. There are many ways to optimize the images. There are many websites which help to optimize images. There are several plugins available by wordpress as well which optimize the images.
  5. Minify and compress all files
    This is also one of the major factors which helps in optimization of wordpress websites.
    Generally the developers write their code as more readable which takes many unnecessary lines of code. These lines of code together makes more time to process the whole code resulting in low performance. Therefore you need to reduce the line of code by minifying the code. This can be done by using plugins and many websites are also available which minify the code.
  6. Use CDN(Content Delivery Network) to load faster
    CDN helps the users a consistent and faster experience regardless of its geographic location. CDN creates a small copy to every server which helps to serve more quickly to the users. You should use this service if your users are outside of India as well.
  7. Delete unused themes and plugins
    Wordpress creates tables and collects data of every theme and plugin, which consume your server space. The unused themes and plugins should be deleted to make the server lightweight and faster.


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