Transition from QA to QE process

Posted By : Aarushi Sharma | 31-Aug-2020

Transition from QA to QE process


Software testing is part of Quality Assurance (QA) and has become a significant advancement in the SDLC. This software testing is noteworthy for organizations to decide when the code could move into the last steps of user acceptance testing (UAT) and further to prod. 

The QA group works in the identification of bugs and retesting them to guarantee a quality product is launched. Earlier, products were not all that complex and QA testing could deal with the prerequisite determinations and test the item. 

Yet, as of late, items and applications are complex and require substantially more exertion from the QA groups to guarantee quicker deliveries and simultaneously keeping up programming quality. It subsequently led to the change from Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering .


Why Quality Engineering?

  • The process of software improvement has moved towards agile and DevOps measures. It is so due to the need  for quicker deliveries to get quicker advertising opportunities. Obviously, with agile and DevOps measures in a hurry, the product testing measures are taken parallel to software development to guarantee quicker identification of bugs and quality deliveries. 
  • The QA in the agile cycle tests the whole framework based on the sprints to take into account software development.
  • The QA groups take up software testing alongside the development cycle, from the underlying phases of DevOps cycle to guarantee continuous integration(CI) and continuous delivery(CD) to guarantee quicker deliveries.


Why Organisations should transition from Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering


1. QA group in close relationship with the developers and the tasks (DevOps) groups guarantee quicker and ceaseless deliveries. They do so by authorizing test automation activities and moving QA endeavors towards quality confirmation by separating silos. 


2. QA groups follow a move left methodology of testing to discover defects early and accelerate an opportunity to showcase. The move left permits engineers to fix defects rapidly and at much lower cost, speeding time to advertise and expanding consumer loyalty. 


3. QA is included today to think like end-clients and guarantee extraordinary client experience, independent of the business they work in, particularly while testing versatile applications.



The transition from Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering assures faster releases with DevOps CI/CD processes and ensures quality is delivered to end-users. We are an ERP Development Company with the objective of furnishing enterprises with the latest technological tools to streamline operations, and drive returns. Quality assurance, user acceptance testing, and regression testing form an integral part of our development routines. We offer a host of custom development and implementation services for ERP software, business-specific applications, and web/mobile applications. Get in touch with us to avail our development services NOW!

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