The Significance of Observables In Angular and Why We Use It

Posted By : Manpreet Singh | 31-May-2022

What Is Observable?

Angular is a frontend framework for building single-page application in which there are many different components. Here, it's important to manage the state of the components and communication between them, either when a component is dependent on another component or a component generates any event that is related to its corresponding component. At that time, observables comes into the picture where these kind of features are achived by the use of observables.

Obserservables are used to transfer data from one component to another. There are multiple components when it comes to communication between them. Observbles provide an ideal way to allow various components to listen and behave accordingly.

How We Can Use It ?

Angular default features use observables such as its Router, Forms, modules and HTTP modules. To use observales, we need to subscrible to the component in which we want to get the data of its respective components and by subscribing that function, we can get the data. It can be any string, number, object, array etc. Once data is sent from a component by using the subject, it's the part of RXJS library.

What Is The Subject ?

Subject is basically used to send data by creating it's object and using asObservable() function we can create object of observable and another step for send the data is to next() function, this next() function can send the data from where (component) it send to the next component.


First we need to import the RXJS library in the import section:

import { Observables} from rxjs;

const observer = new Subject();

observerValue = observer.asObservables();

Communication of components one service to multiple services :

Observales can be accessed from any service component in Angular, it works in multiple directions and once a component changes its state of event, then another component which has subscribed it, would listen and accordingly the function would work. By default there is not any way to send data by one service component to multiple serivce component so by using this RXJS library it is possible and most useful way by which we can achive this functionality.

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