Sanity Testing vs Regression Testing

Posted By : Rahul Singh | 27-Apr-2021

A QA tester must know the various methods of testing and the difference between them so that they can use the best approach to test the software. Sanity and Regression testing are the two popular software testing techniques used by the QA engineers. However, there are some differences between them that are not known to most of them.

In this article, we will try to sort your confusion and try to explain things to you in detail.

Sanity Testing

Sanity testing is a method used in software testing to analyze or test the software when a new build gets deployed with new functionality or modifications or bug fixes. This testing will ensure that the bugs are fixed and no new issues are introduced due to the changes in code. Sanity is the part of regression testing, which mainly focuses on the quick evaluation of build release and ensures that it is eligible for further testing or not.This will be done when the build passes the smoke testing and further testing of software will depend on the result of sanity testing.

Some reasons to perform the sanity testing at the initial stage:

  1. Sanity testing saves time and effort.
  2. It speeds up the process of testing.
  3. It prevents the actions which are not really required at this stage.
  4. It reveals the bugs and problems in the build which need to be fixed to proceed further.
  5. It ensures that the new changes should not affect the existing running functionality.

Regression testing

Regression testing is a software testing method that deeply tests all the functionality of the software after the change in functionality, bug fixes, and modifications are done. It is the deep testing of software functionality when the build passes the sanity check. This type of testing can be done on a stable build. When the sanity testing of changes in functionality and bugs fixed is completed then the tester does complete deep testing of all impacted features, which is called regression testing.


An effective testing strategy and implementation of testing methods in the correct sequence, save organizations both time and money. Which helps the product to be cost-effective and delivered on time. It is better to have options that can be used in different conditions, if you have a tight schedule for a project, use sanity testing, and if you are not bound to strict time and deadlines then you should follow a regression testing method.

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