Posted By : Satendra Panwar | 30-Jul-2021

Brief History of React.js

React.js was created in 2011 by Facebook. As we know, Facebook is known as one of the huge Social Networking websites in the world.

Instagram also started using the React.js platform in 2012, which is a subsidiary of Facebook.

In 2013, Facebook released React.js as open-sourced. Initially, the developer community avoided using it because it used Mark and JavaScript code in a single file. But when people started experimenting with react, they started embracing the component-centric approach for separating concerns.

In 2015, Facebook also released React Native too. It is a library that allows us to create native mobile applications in Android as well as iOS using React.js which is the biggest move.

In 2016, in version 15, React.js also used Semantic Versioning.

And today, React.js is used by many companies for their big projects.

What Is React?

React is a declarative, efficient, stable, and flexible JavaScript library that is used by developers to build websites. The main focus to create the React library was the response to problems that usually comes while building JavaScript applications. As applications started growing in complexity and size complexity, these problems were becoming more nagging. So, the fact that React was heavily applied by Facebook to resolve its own issues. Facebook only addon to the library’s quality and efficiency in dealing with similar problems faced on other projects.

Top Benefits of React js In Frontend Development

React JS Provides bunches of benefits. Let’s understand the benefits of React.js and also why it is important and different from other frameworks.

High Performance

React library provides you the core features of server-side rendering and Document Object Model(DOM) to represent the entire UI of your application and also allows you to maintain large-scale applications which are very fast.

Speed Factor

In the React world, it allows developers to work or write individual sections of code by themselves which provide flexibility and reduce time factor which increases coding efficiency.

SEO Friendly

From the SEO point of view, React applications are well optimized for any search engine, also high speed and well structured, listed our application always above which result in better SEO and provide the best user experience.


Deploying in React is very easy, only you need some basic knowledge of javascript.

On the other hand, those who are experts in javascript can easily take command of React within a few days.

Mobile App Development

We know that React provides high performance in web development, while Facebook also provides React Native platform for both Android and iOS with the same efficiency rate.

We, at Oodles ERP, provide end-to-end web application development services for the industry-specific needs of our customers. We use the latest tech stack and agile methodologies to develop high-quality applications to deliver great user experiences. For more information, contact us at [email protected]

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