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Marketing is a primary module furnished by means of SAP CRM along with Sales and Service. CRM software solutions give specific skills that make it possible to implement numerous marketing processes of an enterprise. Marketing abilities in ERP software can be easily shaped with custom CRM development services as per unique customer requirements in the commercial space.

Just as different CRM modules, marketing skills can be included with other CRM module talents and outside systems. Considering the significance of purchaser interaction, all of the SAP CRM marketing competencies are integrated with a number of inbound and outbound channels.


SAP CRM Marketing analytics offers:

a. A sturdy set of analytic around the purchaser and merchandise

b. Basic reporting to superior analytics

c. Predictive models/scores

d. Optimization capabilities


The following are the major SAP CRM Marketing competencies:
1. Segmentation and List Management
2. Campaign Management
3. Lead Management
4. Trade Promotion Management
5. Market Analytics


  Segmentation and List Management
Segment and List Management abilities are integrated through an easy to use graphical, interactive tool. With this tool SAP CRM marketing affords competencies to import in external facts like rented or purchased lists and create new patron attributes. Customizing settings for SAP CRM Marketing is integrated into transaction SPRO which might be accessed through the SAP GUI.

Marketing Plans and Campaign Management

With SAP CRM you could view your advertising and marketing tasks from 3 exceptional perspectives:

1. Marketing Calendar: For a sure time range, it presents a top-level view of all marketing projects.

2. Marketing Plan: It provides a hierarchical view.

3. Campaign automation: It gives Java applet-based totally procedure view.


a. As part of the SAP CRM marketing challenge, we have marketing elements at the strategic planning level and operative task level. 

b. At strategic planning level, it gives a marketing plan.

c. A marketing plan is for making plans for a concrete advertising and marketing concept. 

d. In an advertising and marketing plan, it is viable to outline the strategic goals like centered market share, budget, etc.

e. A number of marketing factors is used to shape a marketing plan in the form of a hierarchy. A marketing plan is a top-down allocation to brand, place and so on.

f. It is viable to assign one or more campaigns to each advertising plan.


Campaign Management

  • The Operative Task includes Campaign/Promotion.
  • Campaigns are for perception of operations.
  • In a campaign you may outline:
    • Event traits like Dates, goals, procedures, etc.
    • Execution parameters like merchandise, fees and so on.
    • Intended target audience as target institution or patron segment.
    • Campaign Execution.
  • For a marketing plan or/and marketing campaign, inside the general information, we have a relevant type.
  • This Type behaves because of the controlling detail within the advertising and marketing.
  • It helps in defining appropriate targets and approaches alongside default attributes along with the motion profile or fame profile.
  • To manage this, it's feasible to define a relationship between types, goals, and approaches as part of SAP CRM Marketing customizing.
  • In the customizing, it permits to define user statuses and mission of these user statuses to a certain type (campaign type).
  • It is the current advertising detail fame (or the combination of all statuses) that determines the business transaction which could be accomplished for a marketing element.




A marketing element has its personal existence cycle which starts to evolve when it's miles created and ends with its closure or cancellation.

  1. During this lifestyle cycle of advertising and marketing, data igoes via several device statuses.
  2. A marketing agency is assigned within the General Data of marketing plan information and campaign details.
  3. For a positive time range, Integrated Marketing Calendar offers a top-level view of all marketing activities which can be planned and run.
  4. It is Adobe Flex technology-based important entry factor for the advertising and marketing activities.
  5. It gives talents to create new advertising and marketing initiatives and/or reschedule existing ones.
  6. It helps drag and drop function for sure functionalities like converting the dates.
  7. Discounts can be configured primarily based on merchandise and companions with the use of the pricing concepts.



A partner determination manner may be used to paintings with companions in a marketing object.

In the case of the campaign, it's far feasible to make the accomplice determination procedure campaign-type-dependent.


a. Partner determination procedure and its venture to an advertising element are maintained within the SAP CRM customizing.

b. For commercial enterprise companions involved inside the marketing campaign, "Involved Parties" is the project block to be had in the Web UI.

c. In a marketing campaign, we will also keep the communication channel which represents the communique medium for use for this particular campaign

d. A possible listing of the communique medium may be maintained within the customizing.

e. It is feasible to perform marketing campaign execution based on the favored conversation method (e-mail, smartphone, and so on) of a person.

f. For this, BP master facts need to be updated with the preferred communique method.

g. In case the favored method is not maintained, priority-based backup methods may be set; for example, smartphone first, then e-mail, letter, fax and so on.

h. Conditions that need to be fulfiled before you can execute an e-mail marketing campaign:

 -A marketing campaign needs to exist

 -A target organization need to exist

 -An e-mail shape should exist

 -The sender's address is needed to send the e-mails


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