Manual Testing of Customizations in Odoo 14

Posted By : Prerna Mangla | 28-Sep-2021

Manual Testing of Customizations In Odoo 14


Odoo is an open-source suite of business apps that cover all your company needs including CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, and many others. A lot of times clients have requirements about developing custom fields and features within any of the existing modules. Here, we shall be discussing the points to take care of when testing the customizations that your team has developed in Odoo


1. No Software Is Bug-free

Like any other software, Odoo also is not defect-free either. So, when I mention the word bug it could be anything like a restriction is not there or the same field getting listed multiple times or not getting linked with a particular field. So, the module or modules you would be working on will have certain features that may not work well for your client and hence start testing the features as soon as you can and do regression testing after the customized features have been developed.


2. Multiple Tables In The Background

As a tester, you don't need to understand what is going in the backend. But still, you should know that for a given standard field in Odoo, that field and its data get linked to multiple tables which is how several modules are interlinked with each other. So when any changes are done in such fields or forms then extra care should be given to the fact about how those changes are reflected in other modules.


3. Every Software Has Its Own Personality

Just like human beings, every software has its own personality. By personality, here I am referring to how things work, how a user has to do a certain number of clicks to reach a particular page, or even how the Search and Notifications feature works. This is also impacted by the UI of the software. So when we talk about Odoo, it has its own personality too. The search function for example does not work in the standard way that you give an input and records get filtered, here you need to select the field that you want to match your input with, and then the records will be given. So when starting to work in Odoo, try to understand what ODOO is all about rather than compare it with any other similar software you or your clients have experienced before.


4. Requirements Hold The Key

I think this point draws a lot from all the above-mentioned because what I really mean is that flexibility for someone can be an issue for another. So, discover and discuss all the possibilities of Odoo with your client and then identify the areas where any restrictions need to be put or those that might not work at all. That will help to determine the feasibility of the system at an early stage.


Hopefully, this blog helps while kickstarting the project from a QA/tester's point of view.


At Oodles, we provide custom ERP application development services to fulfill the varying business needs of our clients. Our Odoo development services include quality assurance and testing to ensure optimum software performance with minimal bugs or glitches. To learn more, contact us at [email protected].






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