Key features of Odoo Customer Relationship Management module

Posted By : Suraj Mishra | 27-Mar-2019

odoo crm

Odoo CRM is the customer Relationship Management module among the Odoo platform. It permits the business managers to check all of the leads/opportunities in one location, manage them from one stage to a different, and analyze the results. In addition, managers need visibility into the sales pipeline and what actions their salespeople are taking. The Odoo software system package enables salespeople and managers to reduce their labor, create them a lot of economical, and giving them access to simply segmentable, well-visualized data. Let’s explore the key features of Odoo CRM.

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Key Features of Odoo CRM 


Priorities Activities

Priorities the follow-up activities in the pipeline and meet your targets with efficiency

Track your sales activities

Track the sales stages a lot of simply via sales pipeline Kanban view.

Schedule Meetings

Schedule meetings directly from the opportunity of customer


Get all the mandatory details of in progress and done business activities in your Dashboard

Get in touch with customers

It maintains communication with the customers via email, phone, chat, and social media within your Odoo CRM.

Leads Promotion

Start campaign by causation auto-generated emails to customers in Leads.

Assign a salesperson to follow the lead and retail it to you.

Opportunities Analysis

In this, you can analyze your opportunities through the pipeline with advanced filters, grouping, and drill-down.

Lead Scoring

Score your leads supported explicit and implicit criteria and judge which lead satisfies the benchmark to become an opportunity.

Customized Alerts

Set custom alerts for opportunities supported some activities

Analyze Opportunity lost

Analyze the explanations behind the loss of opportunities and improve your sales potency.

Odoo Inventory Management 

It automates your routine business activities, so there is no need to waste time on maintaining data.

Odoo CRM General Workflow

CRM in Odoo can be explained as a series of events that start with identifying a Lead (a future sale possibility) and passes through different stages like Opportunity, Quotation, Sales Order and actual sale (invoice generation and payment).

Odoo integrates the customer Management module together with these processes to accomplish effective customer Relationship Management.

The basic steps concerned in trailing a sale are often listed as below:

Lead: A possible future sale, it may be created just because a user enquired a product

Opportunity: More possibility of a sale. Here onward the organization might appoint an individual to follow-up the customer.

Pipeline:  it's a convenient mechanism provided by Odoo to trace chance.

You can produce several stages that supported the likelihood of the Sale and track a lot of effectively.

Quotation: Once the opportunity is Won, then the next level is to make a quotation and send to the customer.

Next, Quotation changes to Sale Order then to Invoice Generation and Payment.

System Users

There are 3 types of default user as so much as CRM (Including Sales + Purchase + customer Management) module worries.


Manager: Who will have complete access over all these Sales, Purchase modules 

User Own documents only: This user will have permission to control the documents and entries created by him.

For example, you'll be able to restrict a sales executive from accessing other sales executives documents.

User All documents: Maybe a sales head, he has to view all the documents by all sales representatives.

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