Hotel management in odoo

Posted By : Sahil Dwivedi | 28-May-2019

Odoo’s hotel management module simplifies the day to day processes of a hotel. By using the right IOT analytics tools, we can leverage the data collected from in-premise IoT devices to give guests personalized services. A hotel management system automates major operations of the hotel. Its reservation system keeps track of the room and hall reservation and checks availability. Its room management system manages room service. Its inventory control system keeps track of all inventories of the hotel, while it’s guest management system handles guest details.


The purpose of the automated hotel management system is to simplify the day to day processes of the hotel. It aids managers, room attendants, front desk clerks with alerts from the IoT systems with minimum fuss and training. This lowers training costs and makes it much easier for personal use. The hotel management system handles many services to take care of all customers in a quick manner. The system should be user-appropriate, easy to use, provide easy recovery of errors, and give an overall end-user high subjective satisfaction.

Hotel Management in Odoo consists of the following modules:

1-Hotel Reservation:

It is used to book a reservation in a hotel. Users need to fill the form and the room is reserved by the admin panel.

2-Hotel Reservation summary: chart of all booked or not booked reservation done by the hotel.

3-HouseKeeping service: It provides housekeeping service in the hotel.

4-Restaurant: It contains all the functionality to operate a hotel restaurant.

5-Table booking:It has the functionality of booking tables.

6-Orders: It aids taking orders from customers

7-Kitchen order kit: It communicates orders into the kitchen for cooking

8-Generate Folio: It generates a folio list of customers that will create a sales order in ERP.

9-Pdf Reports: It generates all the reports of the hotel such as a list of check-in and checkouts, etc.

10-Configuration: You can automate your hotel by setting up room and floor devices.

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