Getting Familiar With The Odoo Recruitment Module

Posted By : Harshita Tiwari | 29-Jun-2021

ERP Odoo

The recruitment module is used within the organization to select and shortlist the appropriate candidates for the selected Role or Job Position on either a permanent or contract basis.

This helps to manage all the job positions, applications, and applicants under one package of modules so this makes the HR process more efficient and feasible.

In the recruitment process, the hiring manager or Recruiter will create a new Job Position and after publishing the Job Position on the website candidate can apply for this Posted/Published Job Position.

The recruitment Module have the following features:

  1. Applications

1.1. By Job Positions

1.2. All Applications

  1. Reporting: Requirement Analysis
  2. Configurations

3.1. Job Positions

3.2. Refuse Reasons

3.3. Departments

3.4. Activity Types

  1. Applications: Applications consist of two submodules. First By Job Positions & the other one is All Applications.

1.1. By Job Positions: Using this submodule, users can check applications by the available job positions. These submodules have the following features:

  • Can Create New Job Positions.
  • Create Job Positions having the following fields:

Job Position (Eg: Sales Manager, IT Manager) and Application Email. Using Application Email field email Applicants can send resume to this email address, it will create an application automatically

  • Create Form having Buttons Create: to create new Job Position & Discard: to discard the Job position form.

Image: Create Job Position

  • Once the Job position is created it will show under the Job Positions list view.
  • To edit the created Job position user needs to click on the Edit Button under a particular Job Position.

Image: Edit Job Position

  • Once you click on the Edit Button Page must be open to update the selected job position. Users can change the details or position name and click on the save button and that will update the new details.

  • In the first tab of Job Position user can change the Job Description and using the Recruitment tab can add the Expected New Employees count for this select job position, can add Website URL, Department, Job locations, Email Alias, Interview form, and can assign to the Recruiter directly using this form.

Image: Job Position Tabs

  • To Publish the created Job Position to the website user needs to enable the Toggle button along with a particular Job Position card on the page of this module.

  • Job Position having status Like Recruitment in progress: when the recruitment process is running, Not Recruiting is used when the recruitment process is open or close for this Job Position. And The Stop Recruitment Button is used when the Job Position is fulfilled by the organization.

  • Applications: Using Applications users can check the applications that are came across for the selected Job Position.

  • Under the Applications, the card recruiter can check the status-wise particular application.

Image: Application Main Page

  • Once you click on the particular Application you can see the detailed summary for the application like for which Job Position which user applied. Their Personal Details, Contact related details,Degree, If and Employee referred that is also mentioned in this form, Expected Salary, proposed Salary, etc.

Image: Particular Application Summary Details

  • Options are available for the Recruiter to schedule an Interview, Start Meeting and also can Refuse the Application if the candidate has not fulfilled the Job Requirement or if they have not cleared any interview rounds.
  • If the candidate clears the scheduled interview rounds so the recruiter can change the status as per the current status.
  • If the candidate cleared all Rounds so the recruiter set the status to Contract Signed and sent the official offer letter by Schedule Activity.

  • Also can check the comment posted by the recruiter or hiring manager, interviewer.

Image: Log Note

  • Documents: If any documents uploaded for this Job position by a candidate, vendor so that it will be shown under this card.

  • Tracker: using this card, the recruiter can track the Job position status and the Job Position sources where the job position is published.

Refuse Reasons: Recruiter can have options to add the custom refuse reasons so that they can add at the time of Refusing the applications.

Departments: Recruiter have the option to add departments so that when they create any Job Position they can select or add a tag under the particular application of the created department.

Activity Type: Using this feature, recruiters have the option to create the custom activity type for the Schedule activity or meetings for the interviews.

Image: Activity Type Page

Reporting: Reporting is needed in this module so that the recruiter can analyze the Recruitment process. Using this submodule, the recruiter can analyze the New Application, Hired, Refused count that has happened in the last year.

Image: Reporting Analysis

Image: Recruitment Analysis count

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