Getting Familiar With Odoo Project Forecast Module

Posted By : Harshita Tiwari | 30-Dec-2020



The purpose of forecasting is to manage your projects, managing people, tasks, due dates, budgets.




  • Forecast needs to be enabled before creating a Project.


Go to configurations→ Settings→ enable checkbox along with forecast.










  • Create a New Project and select the Planning & Timesheet checkbox.



  • Manage your Project’s Stage: Open your project and add columns and manage the project stages by customizing them. The Stages can be: To-Do, In-Progress, Done, Canceled, Resolved.




  • For each stage, markers can use the status of tasks that you can personalize.
  • Drag your mouse over a stage name, and click on Settings and Edit.



  • The dots are used to customizable markers that applied to tasks, making it easier to know which tasks require attention.
  • You can be Planning for your project By Employee or By Project.




  • Select By Employee option and click on the Add button to add a plan for a particular employee, allocated hours for the selected project, Start & End Date for the task.






  • You can PUBLISH & SEND plan to the selected employee.


  • If you are selecting the By Project option then the added plan shows along with the project name.




  • You can also check the Analysis for the Task, Planning, Timesheet & Planning, Project Costs & Revenue.






Task Analysis Report: 


Project Analysis Report:




Timesheet & Planning Analysis Report:



Project Costs and Revenue Report: 


Hope you find this information useful. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section below. 


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