ERP for Real Estate Industry

Posted By : Naveen Singh | 30-Jun-2020
erp for real estate industry
What exactly is an ERP software?

 ERP software integrates, streamlines, and automates all the business processes like sales, HR, procurement, inventory, etc. It does so with the most recent technology to provide insightful and meaningful data/information mainly to boost revenue and reduce the operational costs for the business.

Need for ERP within the real estate industry:

It is important for the real estate industry to boost visibility and efficiencies across the organization. ERP systems make it possible along with reducing costs without rewriting industry benchmarks or compromising on quality. Get an in-depth view of your expenditure budgets throughout projects and locations. Apart from the aforementioned utilization of an ERP system for real estate, let’s list some more functionalities of the same.

  • Land acquisition
  • Project feasibility
  • Project estimation
  • Simplifying daily budgeting
  • Easily manage suppliers
  • Material requirement planning
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Easy management of sales and taxation
  • Better visibility on income 

 Features of a robust ERP system for real estate:

1. Finance management: Cloud-enabled ERP systems gather real-time data from accounting, sales, and buy departments, and generate error-free reconciliation between materials procured, utilized, and progress. Visual dashboards offer a transparent, concise view of assets, payables, profit & loss, record, and balance. It also offers insights for project-wise fund planning, tax deduction/payment, and regulatory compliances.

2. Property Management: Tight integration for your CRM presents a true end-to-end property management solution to real estate businesses.

3. Revenue Management: The ERP for real estate industry offers revenue forecasts with enhanced accuracy and transparency.

4. Broker Management: With the help of an ERP system, you'll accurately track, manage, and budget your existing property by allotting it to the brokers.

5. Entity Management: ERP Software offers you full control of your property development projects, supporting higher profitability, and optimized cost control.

6.Customer portal: It's a special unit that holds data about customers, their purchases, credit history, and private information.

7. Booking management: The system assists land agents to operate and track booking and sales activities around all project categories, e.g. Villas, Residential, Commercial, Plotting, etc. 

8.Agent management: This program helps the workers of the land companies operate multiple schemes within one project, control accommodation rates, and inform the clients about new locations. 



ERP software has become extremely important for businesses to stay relevant, competitive, and profitable. This software has the facility to manage your whole business at complete ease. A lot of organizations are still not aware of its benefits for the future of their people.

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