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Posted By : Piyush Khandelwal | 25-Feb-2020

odoo sales and crm module



May it be any commercial enterprise, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Management is integral to skyrocketing your business progress. A business must ensure quality products and services coupled with an efficient CRM, inventory, and shipping. To attain this, an organization needs liquidity. Odoo CRM and Sales modules, however, convert all of your endurance into smart work. With its efficient and handy interface, Odoo CRM and Sales module reduce all the extended work into simple tasks and thus saves labor and time.

1. CRM Module

In the CRM module, you'll be able to create opportunities supported by leads acquired. Once these opportunities are received, sales quotations can be created.

To create a new opportunity, one needs existing customer details and leads in CRM.
To do that, go to

CRM > Orders > Customers > Create

Here, enter the customer details and click ‘Save’. Now, go to

CRM > Leads > Leads > Create New

Here give away the required details and click ‘Save’.

Alternatively, you can directly create an opportunity by clicking on the ‘Convert To Opportunity’ button and setting a sales team and a salesperson.

During this process, you can either convert this chance into a brand new opportunity or merge it with an existing one. Choose an already existing customer or create a new one also. Click on the ‘Create’ button on the top left corner of the pipeline. An opportunity will now be added to the pipeline.

A winning percentage is often given to opportunities to assist you with the probability of winning it. You can either provide the winning percentage manually or let Odoo predict the proportion automatically for you, by analyzing the previous sales data. Indicate the priority of opportunities by lighting up the three stars.

In the kanban view of the pipeline, opportunities are sorted into different stages. Add new stages according to your requirements there. Also, there's an option to fold away stages and rearrange them. Simply switch the places between stages by ‘drag and drop’ action.


If an opportunity is lost, in Odoo CRM, select a ‘Lost Reason’, while marking it as lost. To create ‘Lost Reasons’, go to

CRM > Configuration > Lost Reasons > Create


For creating a Sales team, go to

CRM > Configuration > Sales Teams > Create

There you'll be able to create a sales team by assigning a team leader, team members, etc.

2. Sales Module

With Odoo’s Sales module, the entire process of sales takes place without any complications. Owing to Odoo’s integrated platform, various modules are interconnected. Change in data in a specific module will change the corresponding modules that make and utilize similar data. Odoo’s CRM and Sales modules are similar in operation, thus they have common features.


To create a ‘Sales Quotation’ in the CRM module or the Sales module, go to

Sales > Orders > Quotations > Create


Fill the required details and assign products. Under the Order line tab, provide the quantity of the merchandise, the value per unit, taxes, discounts, etc.To allow discounts and enable pricelists, go to

Sales > Configuration > Settings

Here, under the ‘Pricing’ section, choose the ‘Discounts’ and ‘Pricelist’ option.
Activate pricelist option. Provide all relevant data and click ‘Save’. the quotation is ready. All changes will reflect on related modules, thus reducing separate data entry.

Once a sale is confirmed, invoice it from this module itself or CRM.

 To view the Sales Report, go to

Sales > Reporting > Sales 

Here you can analyze and asses your sales progress.
Varied grouping and Filter options are available.

 Likewise, ‘Reporting’ is available in the CRM module for Pipeline and Activity analysis.


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