Brief Overview of SaaS ERP and Its Benefits

Posted By : Ram Kumar | 30-Oct-2020

SaaS ERP and Its Benefits


ERP is an integrated business process management software that automates many functions in the field of business and human resources. ERP software usually is an operation, like product planning, development, design, sales, and marketing. All these features are integrated into a single database, application, and interface. Organizations require the management of multiple systems to run effectively, that’s where ERP comes in differences.


SaaS ERP is a cloud-based technology that can be operated on a cloud provider's server and can be shared by subscription. It usually comes with a multi-tenant SaaS architecture, multiple stakeholders/users share instances, or copy, of the software, infrastructure, and database, but with each tenant's data securely separated. It controls when the software is updated. Features of the software are standardized and typically can be customized easily. Companies often choose single-tenant SaaS ERP to suit their privacy policy or government regulations on data privacy and security. 

Types of ERP Systems

There are mainly TWO deployment models for ERP.

1. On-premises ERP software hosted on private servers and managed by dedicated IT resources.

2. Cloud ERP, a category of SaaS.


SaaS ERP Purpose and Advantages

ERP system allows us to manage business processes at the organization level, collecting, unifying, and sorting information from different departments. Today it is very difficult for a company to not use an ERP system.



We can have workflows, processes, necessary data integrations without working with the core ERP module.


1. In the standard model, between suppliers, ends immediately after purchasing the software. When it is SaaS, the user can contact the provider at any time for support. Regular updates are available for the service.

2. For the company, they want to save some money. They don’t purchase a program and install separately on each computer, so several users can work using username and password.

3. Some services are simply impossible to implement on the company’s own server. It exists as traditional software, but only as SaaS, this desire can be developed using significant resources.

4. Not every SaaS ERP system works equally. Bring this expertise to the SaaS solution.


Incoming Future of SaaS ERP

Along with other technologies, a high-quality ERP system can become the digital transformation of the business. This solution will automate the processes of our company, while technologies like Big Data, business intelligence, data science add value to your data. Why did many software vendors begin to actively invest in ERP technology?


Thus, suppliers of ERP systems for steps in business development will soon be taken by the leaders of any business existing in the context of digital transformation.


Thus, we can say that the choice of the right supplier of ERP-systems for the next step in business development is important in the context of digital transformation. We can also say that the ERP system will not be a single system. It will be a complex system with the architecture of the application that will integrate core ERP systems with point SaaS applications. This system comes with a lot of functions such as sales, HR, recruiting, procurement, management, and logistics. And all this can work together as a single software system


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