Delm8 Route Planning

Client Brief

Delm8 Route Planner is committed to helping businesses plan their routes as efficiently as possible while cutting expenses on fuel, raising output, and saving time. They have a smart algorithm in place that finds the fastest and most economical routes, thus ensuring on-time delivery of goods. Moreover, they had a system that was effective at identifying properties like farms, cottages, and business units. All in all, it provides a complete solution to improve productivity and simplify operations across a range of industries.

Scope of Work

Our job was to develop an AI-based route optimization and planning system for Delm8 Route Planner using Timefold/OptaPlanner that perfectly aligns with their goals. At the same time, we were supposed to develop an application that would ultimately reduce fuel costs, enhance productivity and save time for their clients. After understanding their requirements, we assembled a team of developers to build an intelligent application using Timefold/OptaPlanner. This application would help businesses identify the most efficient routes for timely and cost-effective deliveries.

Our Solution

We delivered the following technologies and services for Delm8 route planner in order to develop the application powered by Timefold/OptaPlanner:

  • An AI application powered by Timefold/OptaPlanner to facilitate efficient and economical route optimization.
  • An effective route optimization solution that helps identify the most efficient delivery routes, thereby reducing fuel consumption and transportation costs.
  • Integrated features to locate hard-to-find properties such as farms, cottages, and business units, streamlining operations and improving delivery accuracy.
  • Python-based development of the OSRM (Open Source Routing Machine), a route optimization solution to enhance the app's routing capabilities.
  • Customized route optimization, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the company’s mission to optimize route planning for businesses.

Tech Stack