Upgrade Zoho CRM API

Posted By : Aditi | June 11, 2019

Upgrade Zoho CRM API

Upgrade Zoho CRM API: An Overview

Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of protocols and tools for building software applications. It is a defined mechanism of communication between two or more systems. APIs are essentials for CRM integration to be effective and enable critical business functions.

Zoho CRM development provide organizations a collection of APIs and software development kits to build business applications. They fulfill the requirements of businesses to connect and integrate Zoho CRM data with other applications. The Zoho platform uses REST (Representational State Transfer) API  to connect the CRM system with third-party applications. Recently, Zoho a new version of CRM API. Read the blog further to know why an organization needs to upgrade Zoho CRM API.

Zoho API version 2.0 offers enhanced flexibility and additional features that improve the integration of security with third-party systems. It also improves the reliability and functionality of the API interface.


OAuth 2.0 Protocol

OAuth 2.0 is an industry standard protocol for authentication and authorization. It focuses on client developer simplicity. The protocol facilitates third-party application developers to enable their users to securely access and use server resources without any need to authenticate each time. It provides specific authorization flows for web applications, mobile phones, desktop applications, and living room devices.

It enables third-party applications (clients) to gain delegated access to protected resources in Zoho development services through the API interface.

OAuth 2.0 uses Access Tokens to get access to protected resources. An access token is a string that represents granted permissions.


OAuth 2.0 Authentication Process


How Zoho CRM API Version 2.0 is Better than API Version 1.0 

API Limits will Increase

Rate limits determine the number of commands your CRM system will accept and execute on a daily basis. Several requests might be required even for simple commands such as creating new contacts, updating an existing one or searching for duplicates. Presently, the upper limit for enterprise edition is set to 25,000 requests. The new version of API (version 2.0) allows a maximum of 300,000 requests per day.

The increase in API limits ensures that automation runs smoothly and there are no interruptions in high volume situations. It is important to note that call limits in API version 1.0 is based on PST time zone, whereas in API version 2.0 call limits are based on a 24-hour rolling window.


Better Customization for Zoho CRM System

Presently, a user’s action can be restricted only for data inserted in CRM through a graphic user interface (GUI). API version 2.0 includes functionality related to workflows, approvals, and blueprints. This update facilitates the enforcement of rules and specific flows that are based on the actions performed via the API interface.


Enhances Security for API via OAuth 2.0 Protocol

OAuth 2.0 protocol enhances security for the API as it facilitates organizations to share specific data with any application. The organization can keep the username and password private. In the current authentication, API key can provide an unauthorized user with administrative privileges. This risk does not exist with API version 2.0 because there are no permanent access keys to be compromised. Oauth 2.0 protocol facilitates users with an easy to use and secure authentication process.


Updated Field Format Types

API version 2.0 refreshes and updates all the field configuration types. It implies that all the field names that are used to send data to CRM by means of API must be updated to reflect the new syntax. It is necessary to refresh scripts to avoid data loss.


New Date/Time Format for Third Party Applications

API version 2.0 updates the data and time field values according to the ISO 8601 format that includes the time zone. Earlier, the data or time values were stored in Zoho CRM in a different format. Hence, it was sometimes misinterpreted and caused data loss.


Upgrade Zoho CRM API Version with Oodles

Our CRM team enables organizations to connect their existing system with Zoho through Custom APIs. We, at Oodles, create custom apps on Zoho software solutions to streamline business processes. Our industry-specific CRM solutions are cost-effective. Our developers create powerful extensions that easily integrate with third-party applications.

Our CRM team has experience in integrating third-party applications with Zoho CRM API version 2.0. We enable organizations to connect Zoho services with other applications using our own programming language and infrastructure. Our Zoho CRM developers enable organizations to resolve their business issues and connect with end users. Experts at Oodles provide Zoho API integration services with CRM, ERP, and e-commerce.


Concluding Thoughts

Zoho CRM API version 2.0 has a great impact on the usage of APIs and custom functions. Its working is same as version 1.0, but the syntax, output, and methods are different. API version 2.0 follows the REST standard and facilitates easy JSON parsing. It means all APIs follow a similar response structure. It also has introduced ‘API Names’ which means changes in custom modules or custom fields will not affect existing integrations.  Upgrade Zoho CRM API and fasten up your business processes.


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