Key Advantages Of Adopting Web-Based ERP Solutions

Posted By : Devesh Singhal | October 1, 2018

Web-based ERP solutions

ERP software solutions are installed in various forms of industries such as retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, non-profit organizations, government organizations, etc. As a modern business management tool, it excels in enhancing business operations’ efficiency and cutting down business costs. In addition, it keeps your business well-organized and increases the rate of productivity. Though deploying ERP solution is super beneficial for small to large-sized companies, you need to have proper guidance and best ERP experts for ERP implementation. With the advent of the technological revolution in the ERP zone, web-based ERP solutions and cloud-based ERPs are in huge demand among small and growing businesses.


SaaS-based ERP or Web-based ERP systems provide access to the ERP software solution over the internet. They give you a smooth way of accessing the ERP modules from anywhere. A web-based ERP system is accessed through a web application development services browser with an HTTP link. One needs to have a username and password provided by the ERP vendor to access web-based ERP interface. All the data is collected on the vendor’s servers or the company’s on-premise servers. Web-based ERP solutions are best suitable for small and medium-sized organizations.


The following are the top advantages behind the huge demand for Web-based ERP solutions among SMEs :


1. Low-cost

Having a web-based ERP solution frees you from the hassle of downloading an application on the local system. Any user can access the web-based ERP from any location by simply using a custom web application development browser and following the web-page link. So, overhead expenses are less as you don’t need to pay for its license fee and hardware maintenance. For using Web-based ERP solutions, you need to give only one-time payment that’s fixed for a specific period of time to avail the facility.


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2. Easy access from anywhere

Web-based ERP solutions can be used from anywhere, or from any location in the world. You just need an internet connection and a device with a web browser to access it. That’s why users get the ease of accessibility when using web-based ERP solutions. They can exchange and make updations in data from a remote location without the need of SQL Server and Windows/Exchange Server database.


3. Faster Communication

With a web-based ERP software, you provide users with remote access and thus, makes communication within the company’s departments faster. As it gives you real-time access from any part of the world, connecting through hand-held devices becomes easy.


Other advantages :

1. Scalability

2. Fewer chances of ERP failure

3. Affordable

4. No worry of upgrading to the new parts or features.

5. Enhanced presentation & Support.


In a nutshell, web-based ERP solutions are indeed the next step towards a smarter business management that decreases the chances of failure and enhances your overall work performance.


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