Strengthening Web Development Using Artificial Intelligence

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | July 29, 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the disruptive technologies that is rapidly making headway in the global business landscape. With the growing popularity of business intelligence tools in mobile and web application development, AI has become an integral part of marketing and customer engagement strategies. Here, we highlight the benefits of implementing AI and related technologies to strengthen and improve the web application development process. 


Strengthening Web Application Development Using Artificial Intelligence

Benefits of Implementing AI In Web Application Development

Implementing AI algorithms in web projects goes a long way towards improving the website user experiences. It offers a number of benefits to businesses in the form of personalized features and customer behavior analytics. Let us now delve into some of the main benefits that AI implementation in web application development brings to the table. 


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Faster Searches

Customers always prefer getting faster information in the most convenient manner. Voice search is a popular AI feature that may be used to provide faster responses to user queries. Integrating a virtual assistant into your website could be a good option to improve customer experiences. Here, you can either use the APIs of popular virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana or choose to build a custom one. 


Improved Website-User Interactions

Chatbots make the communication process more natural. Powered by AI, chatbots are increasingly popular amongst both B2B and B2C websites. In recent years, we have seen more use of chatbots across eCommerce websites to engage online shoppers. Customer surveys reveal that online shoppers find it more convenient to interact with a website through an AI-powered chatbot. It removes all communication barriers and aids in delivering a hassle-free shopping experience. According to Future Today, chatbots’ market share is expected to reach $3.5 billion by the end of 2021.


Improved User Experiences

AI can track and compile consumer data to show relevant product recommendations for shoppers online. Many websites ask visitors about their overall website experience upon completion of various goals or milestones. The user responses are then fed into the AI program. Based on various responses, it would automatically improve future recommendations to deliver better user experiences. 

OTT platforms like Netflix and Hulu use AI programs to provide show recommendations to users based on their previously viewed shows. For instance, if you have been streaming more content related to a particular genre, then you would get recommendations for similar content. 


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Redefining Web Coding With Self-Learning Algorithms

AI can be applied across tasks like adding, updating database records, and identifying code snippets that can solve a problem. Web developers can formulate a perfect solution using these predictions. The AI algorithms can be used to develop codes, that modify and alter from scratch and transform into fully functional code. Moreover, no manual interference is required. It enables developers to build apps and bots that are smarter and can run faster than any other human-induced code.


Automating Requirement Gathering and Analysis

The process of gathering user requirements and expectations is a complex process. However, you can automate these processes without any human interference and using an AI-powered chatbot. It would provide a vivid description of data that has been collected, using various data extraction tools. Moreover, it would allow web developers to generate ideas to enhance web design and development strategies even further. It can be achieved by using the combination of machine learning, NLP, image recognition tools, algorithms, and artificial vision.


AI and SEO

Search engine optimization is a vital aspect to ensure that the target audiences reach your website. However, enhancing and improving your SEO strategies require a 360-degree website analysis. There are several AI-based analytics tools that enable marketers to improve and optimize their SEO strategies and targeting methodologies. Consistent analysis and mining of a website using an AI-based system generate enormous amounts of data. Analyzing and processing this data may extract valuable information about its customers as well as the website’s performance.  

Similarly, predictive engines built on AI enable you to ferret out irregularities in the website’s architecture. Besides, it highlights the areas of content that need attention from an SEO perspective. As such, developers can ensure that the web content is perfectly optimized for search engines and target audiences.

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The real intent of using AI in web application development is to provide users with a new and enhanced web experience. Integrating AI tools not only makes website navigation intuitively clear, but also makes the user experience more personalized. Chatbots can analyze the needs of the customer based on prior natural language interaction for product inquiry, troubleshooting, or sales. Understandably, AI is transforming the way present-day websites are being developed. Hence, many software companies use AI technology as a staple element for their web application development project.


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