Social ERP: The ERP Of Future

Social ERP

The blog describes social ERP, its role, and advantages.

There was a time when there were no ways to communicate with your consumers. Proper customer engagement and communication is a must for any business for its success. Social media platforms play a crucial role in helping with customer satisfaction levels and engagement in a number of ways. And so, social technologies such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are making communication easy and effective.

Due to the ubiquity of social media platforms, ERP system solution can be merged with such social media tools to enhance productivity and provide better customer services. ERP systems when integrated with social channels, can improve collaborations within your enterprise and with your business partners. Social media platforms are very popular among organizations to promote brand identity, improve internal communications and connect with consumers, and business partners.

Social ERP
It stands for social enterprise resource planning. Social ERP systems are very different from traditional ERP systems. Integrating an ERP software with social media tools like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are known as Social ERP system.

Social media has a tremendous capability for increasing employee productivity and improving communication among partners, consumers, and employees. Basically, Social ERP applications mirror the functionality of online social networking tools. Their integration will use social web tools to assist customers, employees, vendors, and partners to work with each other in order to create easy and quick communication. In this way, it will help employees in solving business problems effectively.

As a matter of fact, this social media integration will no doubt provide great benefits to companies as it turns into a commanding customer and sales services tool. Overall, companies can use the functionality to enhance their customer experience and to have a touch base with the customers.

Below are some of the benefits of using Social ERP:

1. Makes collaboration and communication in the enterprise easier
2. Easily tracks conversations, projects, and processes
3. Boost business processes
4. Improves customer engagement
5. Document business processes to support lean initiatives

In a nutshell, Social ERP applications have a bright future that can improve your company’s agility and help you gain competitive advantage.

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