Significance of a Cloud-based ERP for Education

Posted By : Vipasha Singh | April 29, 2020

cloud-based ERP

An essential requirement for educational institutions is quality knowledge transfer backed by sound management. In order to effectively manage human and financial resources, day-to-day activities need to be strategically scheduled and recorded to enhance the learning experience. At the same time, educational institutions need to dedicate more time and resources to enhance the process of education for students. ERP systems facilitate real-time management of operations by integrating business strategy, finance, inventory, HR management, and analytics in a common database with secure authorization channels. For an educational institute, a cloud-based ERP software development integrates the whole student-faculty-administration data onto a single platform with key modules to operate on this data. It enhances communication, the collaboration between students and administration by automating record-keeping and bulk operations such as admission/fee/exam results management. A cloud-based ERP consists of tools like smart kiosks, RFID smart ID cards, biometric tracking for faculty, email and text alerts, and mobile applications.


At Oodles, we offer cloud ERP development services for educational institutes that are custom designed to fulfill their requirements. This ERP not only centralizes administration but also streamlines the management of enrollment, courses, lectures, library, allocation of academic resources, and examinations.

Features of Cloud-based  ERP for Education

>Interactive Dashboards

Cloud ERP development services features a well designed, easy-to-use interface where administration, employees, and students can interact with the system and each other. Dashboards are interfaces that comprise profiles for stakeholders to log on. Here, they can access data relevant to their position and the processes they are involved in. Also, it provides a view of KPIs pertaining to required CGPA or administrative objectives with role-based access. Be it checking syllabi, available courses for a semester, exams, or upcoming events, students can access this data and communicate with resource people and helpdesk. Available as a web or mobile application, dashboards can be retrieved at any time on any device connected to the internet.

>Automation of admission and fee structure

Often, the process of admission takes place over a few weeks. It may include various rounds of tests and counsellings. When an ERP software enters the picture, forms, test schedules, and results, counseling and fee are made available online, processed, and organized automatically. Once the admission process is complete, enrollment into courses takes place online as well. The software also aids fee collection under various categories and ensures transparency in all processes through readily available accurate data.

 >Customizable Modules

A majority of ERP systems employ a distributed architecture, i.e. they use a centrally controlled interconnected network of function-specific modules. A cloud-based education ERP typically consists of an admin module, faculty management module, exam module, central evaluation module, OMR scanning and result generation system module, file tracking system module, HR and payroll management module, payment gateway module, and student module. These modules are customizable as per the needs of the educational institution. As they work on a central database, changes in data in one module are reflected in related modules.

> Enhanced Communication

ERP makes communication between administrative bodies, faculty, and students very easy and quick. It comes with options to raise queries/requests on the dashboard as well as send notifications through email or text in bulk.

>Easily accessible database

For an educational institution to run smoothly, it is of great significance to maintaining uniformity and accuracy of data. At the same time, this data needs to be hierarchically accessible in order to ensure productivity in operations. An ERP software achieves this by storing data on the cloud (making it accessible anywhere at any time) and using master data management(for data integrity and consistency).

Benefits of Cloud-based Education ERP 

>Customized ERP = Better management

A Cloud-based ERP solution, custom-tailored to the needs of an educational organization, gives it room for innovation and growth. It effectively streamlines management through a user-friendly experience coupled with a centralized data repository, reduced expenditure, and automized complex operations. Developers at Oodles hold expertise in custom ERP software development, keeping in mind the attributes required for an Education ERP.

>Simplified Administrative processes

Augmented with analytical tools, ERP simplifies the strategic planning of the academic and financial resources of the organization. It manages administrative tasks like financial accounting, timetable management, admission management, hostel allocation, inventory, payrolls, and budgeting through various modules. It breaks down the complexity and scale of these operations to improve smooth administration.

> Data Security

The biggest challenge faced by an educational organization in a connected world is to protect organization data as well as student data. For the safe storage and movement of data across the organization, ERP software employs secure authorization and authentication processes. At Oodles, we use a role-based security system that exclusively grants access rights as per their hierarchical position. We also employ Google authenticator’s two-step verification system to validate users in our ERPs.

>Cost effectiveness

SaaS-based ERP solutions are generally cost-effective. Without the need to invest in hardware, database management system, system backups, or data security measures, institutions can save a sizable sum by implementing ERP systems. It saves time and investment on processes now automated with an ERP with all but a monthly or quarterly payment to a service provider.

 Get an ERP Software for Education with Oodles

We are an ERP Development Company with the goal of augmenting enterprises with cutting-edge technologies that transform the way organizations work. A forward-looking and innovative enterprise ourselves, we believe in building up ERP systems that are intelligent, efficient, flexible, and economical. Switch the management system for your educational enterprise to ERP and make the most of this technology. Get on to our experts to recommend custom-designed ERP models for your organization. Contact us now!


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