Shopify Business Intelligence: Unlock Hidden Valuable Insights In Data

Posted By : Manisha Jangwal | January 2, 2019

The Need Of Shopify business intelligence Integration:

E-commerce business is rapidly evolving and embracing the latest technologies to survive and reach new heights in its area. Since the inception of the e-commerce industry, the number of online sellers has been extensively increased and thus the competition has become more fierce and strong. The main challenge among these industries is to provide excellent services, customer experience, and quality products. Analytics generated from eCommerce data plays a crucial role in marketing and sales strategy. To overcome e-commerce challenges, business intelligence tools integration with Shopify is worthy of doing. Shopify business intelligence integration helps e-commerce industry to make sense out of millions of customer data (behaviors and activities).


Shopify business intelligence
Shopify Business Intelligence: Unlock Hidden Valuable Insights In Data

BI tools do an in-depth analysis of the data gathered on the e-commerce platform and present you with useful insights that can help increase a company’s revenue. It will give you a complete and transparent view of the e-commerce activities from markets to customers. You should embed Business intelligent in Shopify E-commerce platform for more revenue-creating opportunities.


Now, go through the top reasons for embracing Shopify business intelligence integration in your e-commerce business:


1. Understand customer behavior

BI tools embedded in Shopify erp integration services can make you understand customers’ behavior better than further opens doors to customers satisfaction through your products and services.


2. Optimize your online store

E-commerce BI analytics done around a product, category, customer and marketing will enable you to optimize your store and save you from doing all speculations in the work.


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3. Smart decisions based on data analysis

There is an abundance of data lying around in e-commerce platforms. And through analytics, you can use relevant data to make smarter and better business decisions. You get smart insights about products, categories, customers and more for making well-informed decisions.


4. Predictive analytics

With BI tools, you can predict the product performance in the future, the sales for a product etc. These predictive analytics reports are so helpful in product planning and how much stock needs to be purchased and what quantity of products needed.


Shopify Business Intelligence together creates a powerful system that helps eCommerce business owners to unlock hidden data insights for increasing sales improving their store’s performance.



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