Salesforce QuickBooks integration: How It Enhances Work Efficiency

Posted By : Manisha Jangwal | December 5, 2018

Salesforce QuickBooks integration

Salesforce QuickBooks Integration: An Overview

Salesforce is a largely used online software, followed by QuickBooks. Integration between Salesforce and QuickBooks make sharing of financial data, accessing customer data, and checking accounts information easier. It also helps in finding out ways to increase more revenue. Salesforce QuickBooks integration is so valuable for companies as it allows salespeople to view important customer information without having to access QuickBooks.


Integrating Salesforce and QuickBooks software together allows any business to work smarter, plan better and focus on important things to have good results.


Here are the top benefits that are a result of Salesforce QuickBooks Integration:


1. Increased productivity

2. Business growth

3. Reduce duplicate data entries

4. gives a 360-degree view of your business

5. makes accounting and sales systems connect better


The following are the important considerations you should take before Salesforce QuickBooks ERP Integration Services to make sure everything is done successfully:


1. Prepacked Integrations

Often companies don’t have enough support, resources and time to make integrations from scratch. In that condition, it’s better you choose pre-built integrations that meet your demands.


2. Versions of both applications

When you are going to integrate QuickBooks and Salesforce. You need to check the versions of both as both of them are available as cloud and desktop versions.


3. Find your goal

Decide if you require a one-way integration or a two way. For example, one way is you will be able to see information from one product to another. And another way is a user can change the value in one system and it will be reflected in both systems.


4. Check Salesforce’s edition Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition render integration API’s. The product needs to be certified with Quickbooks, only then the professional edition will only operate. Usually, it’s a group and professional editions don’t allow out-of-the-box integration techniques. In that condition, upgrade the software edition.


5. ROIs

You need to figure out how much time integration is going to consume and then depending upon that calculate according to an hourly wage of the employee. And then compare which is saving more time.


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