QuickBooks ERP System: Why It Is The Right Solution For Businesses

Posted By : Manisha Jangwal | January 4, 2019

QuickBooks ERP System

QuickBooks ERP System: Replace QuickBooks or Integrate to ERP?

QuickBooks is a popular accounting solution for small businesses, designed to manage the accounting processes of a business. However, QuickBooks does not include some major business tools that are found in ERP software for inventory. Inventory is still a flaw in the QuickBooks ERP system. It lacks industry and business-specific features like lot tracking, eCommerce and barcode scanning. It is questionable when it comes to addressing robust inventory problems. The best advantage about QuickBooks software is that it is flexible with 3rd party integrations and its functionality can be extended according to the changing needs of the company. Many enterprises face the struggle of maintaining and making use of their inventory effectively and optimally through QuickBooks. It is doubtful for them to control production activities with QuickBooks.


Furthermore, if you choose to create an ERP system from scratch, it will cost you a fortune. Another best option would be going for the ERP application add-on for your QuickBooks solution. QuickBooks ERP integration services is the real problem solver for all of your inventory woes.


Integrating the best ERP software holding CRM and inventory modules is the topmost integration choices.


Now, let’s dive into the best solutions offered by QuickBooks ERP system to your company :

Receive all crucial tools to manage inventory and have a single source of truth

QuickBooks integrated with an ERP inventory system creates a single source of truth to better track your inventory. An ERP system forms a solid front end to your QuickBooks and communicates the inventory data to QuickBooks. You get access to data easily in such a way so you can manage to do daily inventory duties. With an ERP system integrated with Quickbooks application development services, you can scan barcodes of the items through your mobiles and desktop system. This data is sent to QuickBooks for updated financial information. It offers comprehensive tools for order management, barcoding, tracking bin locations, shipping, quality assurance and more. QuickBooks ERP system enables you to do inventory tracking and utilization from a single platform. Also, financial records in QuickBooks will be reflected in your ERP system records that will help you do better demand forecasts.


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Connect customer data with financial data for improving sales


Combining CRM system with QuickBooks system helps in identifying potential customers and make strategies to turn them into actual customers. Customer information, when modified in CRM, will get mirrored in the QuickBooks and therefore creates a single version of the truth. Customer accounts and interaction histories are automatically reflected in QuickBooks. You can utilize this data to make your marketing campaigns performance better.
If you want to make better use of your customer data then you need to connect it with QuickBooks. And the same thing is true for Quickbooks finance data.


Last, when you make a decision of integrating ERP system with your QuickBooks, make sure you select the right ERP solution to make the most of your integration.


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