Why QuickBooks E-commerce Integration Is A Key To Success

Posted By : Manisha Jangwal | December 14, 2018

QuickBooks E-commerce Integration

QuickBooks E-commerce Integration: An Overview

The main attention in E-commerce business is on the customers because every satisfied customer will pay a return visit when they shop. An E-commerce platform generates tons of data daily and some data needs to be updated in QuickBooks accounting system to keep track of inventory, purchase orders, sold products, payments, invoices, and best-selling products. This all data helps accounts team to make calculations for profits and know the actual performance rate of a business. But transferring this data manually is so boisterous for businesses that they waste so much time in it and still, there are chances the data might not be fully accurate. Manual handling causes a lot of manual errors that lead to poor results. In fact, managing two separate systems is a task that hinders in the way towards increasing the company’s revenue. So, QuickBooks E-commerce Integration is a way out of all these problems.


You can save time and business costs of your company by QuickBooks integration services with your eCommerce platform.


Here are some key reasons for doing QuickBooks E-commerce Integration

1. Better data control

You will get inventory counts and will have lists of items and pricing in your QuickBooks. It helps you keep track of payments, inventory quantity, invoices, shipping details best-likable products etc and automatically updated this data directly into QuickBooks. So, this also makes delivery time faster. This useful customer data drawn out from eCommerce platform can be used by accounting teams to increase sales of the company and provide the customer with faster delivery. You can give your customers accurate replies to their queries and questions.


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2. Improved Visibility

It helps your teams to generate accurate reports for calculating the total sales and profit. So, there is a complete visibility from orders to accounting processes which helps you get a clear view about how your business is performing. Further, it makes you solve issues earlier. This way your customers won’t face satisfaction and your business will not get affected at the core level.



3. Better customer services

QuickBooks and E-commerce integration, make data sharing easy between two systems which further helps in enhancing the customer service. Give your customers a uniform shopping experience beyond all of your multiple sales channels. It enables you to update your customers with correct and timely order status and which is crucial for meeting customer expectations. This integration is a key to providing a good customer experience. You get all the important data related orders and inventory quickly and in the most accurate form to provide customers with an honest response.


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