PrestaShop Vs Shopify: Comparison Of Two Modern E-commerce Platforms

Posted By : Manisha Jangwal | December 27, 2018

PrestaShop Vs Shopify: Comparision between The Two E-commerce platforms

Pondering over to start your own online selling store but feeling confused concerning platform selection for your e-commerce out of PrestaShop or Shopify. This blog is going to focus on the comparison for Prestashop Vs Shopify. The information will guide you to make the right choice for your e-commerce store. Both the platforms can help you create a shopping website in a simple way and have a lot of features to offer you. They come with easy drag and drop functionalities.


Prestashop is an open source platform that allows you to install, download set up an online store. While Shopify is a SaaS service that requires you to give a fee on a monthly basis. And this fee is going to deviate based on the choice of your Shopify ERP integration services plan.


PrestaShop Vs Shopify
PrestaShop Vs Shopify: Comparison Of Two Modern E-commerce Platforms

Let’s start off, PrestaShop Vs Shopify :


1. Price

Prestashop is a free e-commerce solution that offers an easy way to create an online store. It is a self-hosting software. You need to download and simply install it. It has more than 300 powerful features to offer for free.


Instead, Shopify erp integration for e-commerce is a hosted platform. For using it, you have to pay subscription amount monthly/ yearly. In this case, you have no freedom to set up your store on any server you want. Also, it has 83% of paid themes in it.

However, Shopify gives it users a highly intuitive e-commerce experience and 24*7 support.


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2. Themes

PrestaShop has 1,500+ striking themes to offer. You can customize any theme and personalize the website. Prestashop gives you full control over how your website will look like via the admin and theme settings.


On the other hand, Shopify offers 100+ built-in fee and premium themes. These all themes are professionally designed and has many settings that let you customize and design your online site in an easy way.


3. Online store management

Prestashop and Shopify integration services allow you to manage the website content with their rich features. In a precise way, both the e-commerce solutions let you design content pages through editing items, uploading images, and more. Similarly, they do aim to aid you to have effectual customer management for better knowing your customers by giving access to thorough customer profiles.


In addition, PrestaShop and Shopify offer many payment gateways such as PayPal, VISA, credit card and more. However, PrestaShop is better as it includes more shipping modules and more thoughtful checkout services like gift wrapping,  shopping carts saving, one-page checkout, and more.


4. SEO & Marketing

Without SEO marketing, you can’t manage to promote your products. Thus, it is very crucial for your online presence. Shopify allows you to keep keywords and product description in the URL. On the other hand, Prestashop supports automatic sitemaps.xml files for products and site changes.


Both e-commerce platforms offer various marketing tools for expediting sales. In both the platforms, you can create an email marketing system and coupon scheme to draw visitors to your site. PrestaShop has more detailed marketing plans like built-in newsletter and loyalty plan.


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