A Brief Overview of Payment Gateway Integration in Odoo

Posted By : Vipasha Singh | March 1, 2020

Payment Gateway Integration

In a time when a majority of financial transactions take place online, it is essential to facilitate the secure transmission of transaction data. The movement of funds between a consumer and the merchant often occurs through multi-layered ERP systems. Accepting online payments through credit/debit cards requires a payment gateway Integration in the dedicated ERP software.

A payment gateway is a remotely hosted software application that processes and authorizes payments between customers and merchants. From the merchant website, the customer is redirected to a secure page hosted by a third party entity a successful transaction. Odoo is a prominent business management software platform that provides ERP management services to cross-industry enterprises. In addition, it renders support for several custom integrations including the payment gateway integration with third party gateway providers.

At Oodles, we implement Odoo ERP software with on-demand payment gateway integrations to streamline and automate financial operations of an enterprise.


Gateway Providers

Paypal, Adyen, PayUmoney, Buckaroo, Authorize.net, Sips, and Stripe are well known payment gateway providers. Odoo ERP suite renders integration support for all these payment gateways.

The primary function of a payment gateway provider is to securely process and deposit payment funds from customer to merchant bank account. They do so directly from the merchant website and some include a virtual terminal for a merchant to receive online payments.

Some Odoo-supported payment gateways include automatically recurring bills for repeating monthly, quarterly and yearly payments. Developers at Oodles configure and integrate the gateway provider of your choice with the dedicated payments page.


The Payment Gateway Integration Process

As various payment methods are embedded in Odoo, businesses can accept payments through wire transfer, credit cards, and debit cards.

1.While integrating a payment gateway with Odoo, the first step is to choose a payment acquirer, also called a gateway provider.

2. Once you have chosen, say Paypal or Authorize.net, you need to create an account on the same. You will receive the following credentials:
i) A client ID
ii) Client secret (key)
iii) Access token
iv) Account ID
Check the above credentials on the Odoo API key window after filling it out

3. The next step is to create the payments. Make a point to switch to developer mode. Go to the ‘Custom’ payment method. Using the S2S form template, set up the payment form. It’s a good idea to start from the default_acquirer_button, then duplicate it.

4. Follow this up by going to ‘Configurations to choose the options you give to a customer to save or reuse their card/s. Avail Odoo customization services on-demand for additional or advanced configurations.

5. Switch the ‘State’ to ‘enabled’ so that payment options are visible on the payment interface.

6. The last step is to verify payment.


Understandably, Odoo is an all-rounder in the sense that it provides both ERP and allows payment gateway integration. This makes it a single tool for managing the operation as well as finances of your enterprise.

Oodles’ Role in Payment Gateway Integration in Odoo

At Oodles, we build custom, enterprise-wide ERP solutions using Odoo business management suite. We design payment gateways for a frictionless movement of enterprise funds through secure channels. We customize the required integrations into an ERP model to align with client business design. Mechanize, plan, collaborate, integrate and execute business operations with Oodles. Talk to our experts to find the best way to integrate payment gateways into business ERP solutions.

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