OptaPlanner Development Services For Improved Employee Roster Management

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | February 2, 2023

To stay competitive in today’s cut-throat market competition, an increasing number of enterprises are looking for new ways to streamline their workforce activities. Evidently, implementing next-gen technologies like AI, cloud, and big data may significantly improve business efficiency, enabling organizations to achieve higher levels of productivity. Besides, many businesses have opted for advanced AI-based planning solutions to enhance their workforce productivity through effective task scheduling, employee rostering, and process optimization. That being said, OptaPlanner has become one of the most sought-after tools for workforce planning and optimization. 

In this blog post, we shall delve into the importance of OptaPlanner development services for effective employee rostering and management. However, before we jump into the subject matter, let us first get familiar with the basics of employee rostering and learn how OptaPlanner can help. 


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OptaPlanner Development Services For Improved Employee Roster Management


What Is Employee Rostering?

Employee rostering refers to the process of scheduling and assigning shifts to employees. This task is crucial for businesses that rely on a workforce, such as retail stores, hospitals, and transportation companies. The goal of employee rostering is to find an optimal roster that balances employee preferences, the company’s needs, and legal constraints. However, this task is often time-consuming, complex, and prone to errors. To address these challenges, many companies are turning to advanced rostering tools like OptaPlanner.


OptaPlanner: A Brief Overview

OptaPlanner is an open-source planning optimization engine that enables organizations to tackle complex scheduling problems. It was developed by Red Hat and is used by companies in various industries, including retail, healthcare, and transportation. The tool can help companies generate schedules that are fair to employees, economically viable, and legally compliant.


Employee Rostering Using OptaPlanner

Now that we are familiar with OptaPlanner, let us explore its benefits for employee rostering and task planning. 


Resource Management

One of the key benefits of OptaPlanner is its ability to take into account the various constraints that are related to employee scheduling. For example, it can consider the working hours of each employee, their preferred days off, and the number of hours they want to work per week. OptaPlanner can also take into account the number of employees required to cover a specific shift and the skill level required for each shift. This allows companies to generate rosters that meet their specific requirements and are fair to employees.



Another benefit of availing OptaPlanner development services is a high degree of flexibility. Companies can use this tool to generate schedules for different departments or locations. Besides, they can also set different scheduling rules for each department. For example, a retail store might have different scheduling rules for the sales floor and the stockroom. That said, OptaPlanner can generate schedules that take these rules into account. This flexibility is particularly useful for companies that have complex scheduling needs, such as hospitals that need to ensure adequate staffing levels at all times.


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OptaPlanner can also help companies save time and reduce the risk of errors. The tool can automatically generate schedules in a matter of minutes, which is much faster than manual scheduling. Additionally, it eliminates the risk of human error, as all the scheduling rules are set in the system and are automatically applied. This not only saves time but also ensures that schedules are fair and legally compliant.



OptaPlanner also enables companies to communicate schedules to employees in a clear and straightforward way. The tool can generate schedules in various formats, such as PDF, Excel, and HTML. This makes it easy for employees to view their schedules and make any necessary changes. Besides, OptaPlanner provides a user-friendly interface, making it fairly simple for managers to create and manage schedules, even if they have limited technical skills.


Possible Setbacks of OptaPlanner

Despite its benefits, OptaPlanner is not without limitations. For example, the tool requires a certain level of technical knowledge to set up and configure. Besides, it may not be suitable for companies that do not have the resources to invest in this area. Also, OptaPlanner does not provide real-time updates, which means that managers need to periodically refresh schedules to ensure that they are up-to-date. 


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OptaPlanner is a powerful tool that can help companies tackle the complex and time-consuming task of employee rostering. It can take into account the various constraints associated with scheduling and can generate schedules that are fair to employees, economically viable, and legally compliant. Additionally, the tool can save time and reduce the risk of errors while also communicating schedules to employees in a clear and straightforward way. Although it has some limitations also, companies that invest in OptaPlanner can reap significant benefits and improve the efficiency of their scheduling process.


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