Reasons Why Odoo Open Source Is Best For Custom ERP Development

Posted By : Manisha Jangwal | November 28, 2018

Most companies are using the most common ERP solutions available in the market such as Salesforce for CRM, QuickBooks for accounting, SYSPRO, Infor etc. The problems mainly faced by these companies when using them is improper communication between all of these software systems. The process of data migration imposes difficulties as it results in complicated errors from the integration of these systems. But out of all ERP systems in the market, Odoo Open source ERP is best amongst all in terms of customization, amazing features and flexibility, and customer adoption. Odoo is equipped with more than 10000 apps that can cover almost all of your business processes.


Reasons for choosing Odoo Open Source for Custom ERP Development:


Custom-built functionality

Odoo ERP system is a free platform that can be customized as per your business needs. Using Odoo platform which consists of a combination of 100+ modules along with 5000+ third-party applications helps in improving your business’ productivity. All the unique Odoo modules can be integrated with excellent cross-app to meet all your business processes and requirements efficiently.

Odoo Open Source
Odoo is equipped with more than 10000 apps that can streamline all your business processes. Here’s how it provides a fully customizable development environment to build business applications.


Efficient cost-effective solution

Odoo gives 3 types of editions that are used to customize the ERP solution. An opensource edition, which is Odoo community edition has only limited features. Odoo Online is a cloud-hosted premium plan where it comes with all the required functionalities. And Odoo handles its hosting. Third, Odoo on-premise plan is a self-hosted plan where you have all the Odoo features. But, here you need to take charge of hosting.


Modular procedure

Odoo Framework is based on the modular structure. So, by installing a few basic modules, you can get custom Odoo ERP solution. Due to this, it is simple to add modules ( such as HR, Sales, E-commerce, and Marketing modules etc) on Odoo considering your business needs. In fact, non-technical staff can also customize Odoo ERP solution.


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Superior Integrations

In Odoo development, it can scale up to global trends of different ERP technologies. Odoo is flexible for customization and can be built as per your business requirements. And, it can be adaptable to the existing frameworks. The diversity of Odoo module development coupled with the flexibility in the platform guarantees the highest levels of customization among the rest ERP platforms.

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