Odoo Application Development For Agile Project Management

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | January 11, 2022

Project management is a complex and linear process that involves extensive analysis, planning, and sequential execution of scheduled tasks. At the same time, it requires different teams to collaborate, synergize, and coordinate at different levels to achieve specific goals. The process becomes more complicated at the industrial scale owing to the operational complexities in labour-intensive industries like manufacturing, supply chain, and real estate. It is, therefore, essential to have a custom-built software system at your disposal to seamlessly carry out various projects in a phased manner. 

Odoo is an ERP software platform that renders the best support for project management with a series of powerful tools and features. With its feature-rich community and enterprise versions, Odoo lets you build a custom project management software system to streamline and accelerate the project completion lifecycle. Here we shall discuss the benefits of Odoo application development for project management with a focus on its salient features. 

Odoo Application Development For Agile Project Management


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Odoo ERP For Project Management

Odoo is an open-source ERP software platform that caters to the industry-specific needs of businesses of all types and sizes. It provides a series of fully customizable software modules to support mission-critical business functions including CRM, HRM, payroll, accounting, inventory/warehouse management, and supply chain management. Odoo application development has gained significant traction over recent years, becoming an ideal platform for both SMBs and large-scale enterprises. As of today, Odoo’s popularity supersedes many market leaders like Salesforce, SAP, and HubSpot with a vast customer base in 120+ countries. 


Benefits of Odoo For Project Management

Odoo application development for project management caters to the industry-specific needs of business users, enabling them to efficiently manage their projects in an agile manner. Given below are the key benefits of Odoo application development for project management.


Faster Project Completion Lifecycle

Odoo application development lets you build an intuitive software interface to effectively manage multiple projects using agile methodologies. At the same time, it streamlines complex repetitive tasks associated with resource planning, task scheduling, and yields faster execution of tasks. Thus, it accelerates the project completion lifecycle and delivers greater value to business users. 


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Effective Planning and Task Scheduling

With the Odoo Projects module, you get built-in support for Odoo Calendar and Odoo Timesheets to streamline resource planning and task scheduling. With Odoo Timesheets integration, it becomes easier to monitor team performance and take steps to enhance workforce productivity. Besides, it helps manage project deadlines, create employee schedules, manage rosters, and reschedule various events if required. 


Improved Business Communication

Team collaboration, as we know, is the most crucial part of project management. Thus, it is one of the main focal areas of the Odoo Projects module. Odoo application development for project management streamlines business communications and facilitates effective team collaboration for faster project completion. At the same time, it enables project managers to monitor work progress in real-time and take steps to make changes in work schedule, whenever required. 


Reporting and Analytics

A major highlight of the Odoo projects module is the advanced reporting and analytics features that come along with it. In addition to generating weekly/monthly reports, it enables enterprises to track analytics and gain actionable insights into complex business data. Besides, it becomes easier to track workforce productivity, monitor work progress, spot anomalies and take steps to remove potential bottlenecks.


Ease of Integration

Odoo application development comes in handy when it comes to integrating with proprietary or third-party modules to extend software capabilities. For instance, you may consider integrating your Odoo project management software with the accounting, CRM or HRM module to simultaneously manage accounting operations, manage expenses, track work hours and more. 


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Closing Thoughts 

These were some of the main benefits of Odoo application development for effective project management in an agile manner. Enterprises can avail Odoo ERP development services to build custom software solutions for effective project management in any domain. Another major advantage of Odoo application development is that you get a great deal of flexibility and interoperability to manage multiple projects with ease. Furthermore, it is advisable to develop a custom solution from scratch using Odoo based on your industry-specific business needs. 


Why Choose Oodles ERP For Odoo Application Development?

We, at Oodles ERP, provide end-to-end ERP application development services to solve complex business problems of our clients. Our development team specializes in building custom enterprise solutions from the ground up using open-source technologies like Odoo, OFBiz, and ERPNext. We use agile methodology and the latest tech stack to build feature-rich software solutions to address varying business needs. Our Odoo application development services enable clients to build scalable enterprise applications at cost-effective rates. For more information, drop us a line at [email protected].

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