Moving the Cold Storage Supply Chain to the Cloud

Posted By : Vipasha Singh | March 3, 2020

Cold storage supply chain on Cloud

Building an effective supply chain goes beyond business environments that are traditionally stable. With the rapid technological advancements across industries, all business processes are evolving with increased digitization. To keep up with the dynamic market conditions, it is essential to strengthen supply chain processes with improved security, adaptability, and accessibility. A supply network is no longer simply about physical flows of products and services. The modern-day supply chains now regulate the flow of information, commerce, and resources as well. As the cold chain market is expanding, businesses are on a lookout for efficient methods of monitoring the movement of perishables. Moving the Cold Storage supply chain to the cloud is crucial for keeping track of the quality and location of goods in real-time.

The shift to outcome-based business models provides a competitive edge to businesses, enabling them to maximize their profit margins. Cloud supply chain management is the only platform that enables an enterprise to cluster all business processes in a unified cloud-based architecture. It accelerates their business processes with improved agility, visibility, analytics, and execution capabilities to drive innovation and growth.

We, at Oodles, provide Software as a Service (SaaS) for multiple ERP solutions including the cloud supply chain. It translates into our experts providing you the best technologies for setting up the cold chain on the cloud. To top it up, we provide a handy user interface and an impenetrable blockchain that makes your cold-chain data secure and streamlined.


Challenges faced by on-premises applications for Cold Chain

 Be it F&B products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or agricultural produce, every product has specific temperature and care requirements. The temperature regulated movement of perishable goods requires frequent quality checks, spontaneous updating, and supplying information across the supply chain. A volatile environment in the market and a huge dataset make on-premises applications a high-cost option for any cold chain.
Here’s a list of challenges that on-premise applications face in managing a cold supply chain:

1. Spoilage and maintaining quality

2. Disruptions in the supply chain owing to a volatile market.

3.  Surging volumes of internal and external data

4. Need for unabated connectivity and visibility

5. Need for flexibility

6. Security risks


Benefits of Cloud Supply Chain Management

Cloud Supply Chain Management allows organizations to experiment with innovative technologies at low costs, without committing to assemble a workforce. From creating a well-knit, accessible network on the cloud, to securing it, cloud supply chain software development services augment the capabilities of an enterprise.

  • Agility

Let’s say a pharmaceutical supplier located in Japan conducts an audit whose results are immediately required in Brussels. To execute this action, the supply chain needs to be cloud-empowered and digitized, and thus agile and effective. Giving on-request access to stakeholders for real-time data and analytics gives rise to educated business choices.
Taking data from an auditor to the headquarter in real-time, therefore consequences from SCM development services through cloud platforms. At Oodles, we design smart, responsive SCM software applications that streamline data sharing in real-time.


  • Connectivity

The all-pervading visibility and real-time capacity to receive and alter data creates a supply network of evolved design. It suggests that enterprises are leaps and bounds away from operational hurdles to get in touch with suppliers, traders or customers. Connectivity in the supply chain provides efficient communication, economic resource utilization, and managing liabilities. Access to quality checks through IoD sensors enables controlling the pace of shipping. End-to-end visibility not only saves shipping costs if the product perishes but also ensures its delivery before the expiry time.
At Oodles, developers customize web sockets for continuous connectivity and push notification for dynamic notifications into the interface.


  •  Fast, flexible, and safe deployment

At Oodles, we use a microservices-based architecture that integrates modules from different platforms. Our cloud architecture consists of cloud microservices deployed as a whole. Due to the distributed nature of microservices, the whole execution process occurs swiftly and safely. Since we use caching for speed and reusable dynamic templates, our supply chain software development services are flexible and fast.


  • Security

One of the major concerns for supply chain firms is data security. With methods like role-based and rule-based access and multi-level authentication, enterprise databases are secured throughout. At Oodles, we use microservices-based architecture which implies that data is distributed. It provides protection from a scenario where one module may have a vulnerable node. The only required operation is to deal with the compromised module while the rest of the modules can function smoothly.


  • Risk Analysis and Response Management

Analytics tools based on Machine Learning are a prerequisite for cloud supply chain management. They are not only alert to anomalies and suspicious behavior but also have predictive capabilities. Response to security risks thus becomes fast as they assimilate documented behaviors.


  • Intelligent Supply chain

A connected supply network utilizes the maximum potential of analytics, cognitive equipment, and smart apps. Consequently, all stakeholders are furnished with accurate information for decision-making. With a mobile supply chain application development from Oodles, managers can set up tasks, and make decisions on-the-go. One of the most significant features of the cloud supply chain is that it makes the system proactive as opposed to reactive.


  • Cost-effectiveness

Cloud Logistics and supply chain software development are SaaS-based, indicating a low entry cost. Developers at Oodles use a relational architecture with modules integrated from different technologies for fast and optimized solutions. Such models not only enhance security but also reduce costs. As a result, it increases business value by converting configuration and integration capital into working capital.



Move your supply chain to the cloud with Oodles

With our all in-purchase software development, at Oodles, we provide you with custom supply chain management solutions. We design SaaS models for every business size, industry, system, platform, and use cases.  Moving the cold storage supply chain to cloud, with our comprehensive services aids businesses to grow and innovate. Come join hands with us for a smarter, more efficient cold supply chain management. Talk to our experts now!

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