Maximize Logistics Efficiency with Courier Management Software

Posted By : Vipasha Singh | June 7, 2020

Courier Management Software

The rapidly growing eCommerce industry demands a resilient supply chain with a fast-delivering courier system. Automated logistics and courier management software are key to fulfilling largescale orders efficiently as consumers expect fully-tracked expedited deliveries. Their ability to manage internal and external fleet from end to end with minimum resources makes this software affordable. Often integrated with an ERP, it comprises modules like admin module, consignment management module, sales module, etc. At Oodles, we provide 360° custom supply chain software development that fulfills your unique business requirements with a focus on streamlining workflows. Our development services for courier management software optimize logistics with smart tools to increase efficiency while reducing overheads. Take a look at the challenges of logistics management and how courier management software overcomes them.

Concerns of Logistics Management

Cost Control

One of the major expenditures of logistics management is transportation and shipping charges. It includes fuel costs, wear and tear to enterprise-owned freight, and third party fleet costs.


Restrictions imposed by state or national policies and regulations may often result in slowing down the shipping process. Also, with carbon emission regulations, enterprises need to invest in environmentally sound technologies and vehicles.

Managing a sizable fleet

Fleet management can be quite a challenge for large companies that need to maintain a big fleet to cater to a wider customer base. While a big fleet means faster delivery, tracking, and handling each consignment requires high operational capacity.

Data Overload

Logistics data comprises route, driver, consignment, invoice, and tracking data. Depending upon the number of shipments, and fleet capacity of an enterprise, this can be a huge dataset to actively manage.

Customer Satisfaction

The end goal of any enterprise is to earn customer loyalty through customer satisfaction. Along with the quality of products/services delivered, it’s necessary to provide customers with tracking data for their purchase. Consumer expectations today require retail businesses to deliver the right product at the right time with complete transparency.

Optimizing Logistics with Courier Management Software 

Courier management software augments logistics with real-time visibility, transparency, efficiency, and analytics, thus improving consignment operations and increasing client satisfaction.

Automated Routing

Courier management software uses analytics tools to observe prospective routes and time and forecasts the shortest route. This saves fuel, time, and maintenance costs along with expediating delivery time.


Technologies like IoT and GPS ensure end-to-end visibility of a consignment from the warehouse to the final delivery location in real-time. This feature allows managers to implement quick decisions regarding shipments in case of a cancel request, vehicle break down, or any other glitch in the logistics operations. Also, customers get to view the status of their shipment too.

Warehouse Management

Using a central online database for warehouse and shipping data aids courier management software to allocate pick-ups and drop-offs efficiently.

Fast Delivery

Analytics-enabled routes, central management, and real-time tracking enable courier management software to provide timely delivery services to customers.

 Reverse logistics

In case a customer requests cancellation of orders mid-transit, or a product is returned, courier management software ensures that it’s routed into a cost-effective reverse logistics. The use of IoT and other tracking technologies reduce the probability of spoilage, ruling out one of the factors that set reverse logistics into effect.

Closing Remarks

Courier management software is thus, a boon to logistics and warehouse management operations. It aids enterprises to build an enhanced delivery network with capabilities to carry out express deliveries. Its ability to keep both managers and customers updated about the status of shipment in real-time improves transparency and thus builds customer trust. It makes even the reverse logistics operations more feasible and cost-effective.

We are an ERP development company that provides new age technology-driven solutions for enterprises ranging from SCM and workforce management to CRM and human resources. We integrate supply chain management solutions into an enterprise’s ERP software to effectuate an end-to-end business-planning model. Our comprehensive courier management software equips businesses with cloud-based harmonized data and continuous visibility into shipping and logistics operations. Get in touch with our experts to amplify the profitability and operational excellence of logistics management for your enterprise.


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