How Does Magento ERP Integration Help In Improving Online Business

Posted By : Manisha Jangwal | November 29, 2018

Magento ERP integration

The blog focuses on how crucial is Magento Magento ERP integration for a business working with Magento platform.

A Brief description of Magento

There are so many e-commerce platforms available for setting up your online business. Magento is an open source web application platform that provides everything you need to run a website. As Magento development doesn’t cost you much in comparison to other E-commerce site development, many small to mid-size companies use it. It has lower licensing, implementation costs and provides a vast community support.


E-commerce business is growing and improving continually and thus, there is a fierce competition in the market to keep a place in customers’ hearts. If you run an e-commerce store, then it is necessary that you keep up with the needs of customers to grow your business.


Magento and ERP platform need to be integrated to draw out maximum benefits in the e-commerce business. Let’s know how beneficial is Magento ERP integration.


How does Magento ERP integration help?

Optimized operations

Magento integration with ERP system will optimize your operations and save you from doing repetitive tasks by automating your processes. So, by this integration, you will be able to save money, time and will face fewer errors. This will eventually increase the overall efficiency of a business. ERP system comes with integrated applications that cover sales, finance, HR, production, etc. Therefore, integrating Magento with ERP is the best decision.

Magento and ERP integration lets you manage and enter data in one system. All other integrated systems will automatically get updated. So, this is another good reason to do this integration.


Single source of truth


Handling data at one location is very simple instead of getting frustrated with multiple systems. An order is created on e-commerce site which requires to move on ERP system. Because ERPs are the best to manage them.

Similarly, everything from configuring products, importing, setting prices in your ERP software will be reflected in your online system. This will give you information about updated products, their availability all from one system. So, you can track each and everything from product, customer and finance data by integrating Magento with the ERP.


Both Small and large enterprises will be benefited


A small company might not need integration for Magento with invoicing system in case it has only a few virtual products. It can sync orders from the Magento e-store and control everything from Magento straight.

A business having multiple warehouses and physical shops need to create, manage products inventory, pricing, invoicing and shipping in an ERP system and wish to get all this available on the e-commerce solution.




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