IoT App Development To Strengthen Customer Relationship Management

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | August 23, 2022

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly changing the lifestyles of millions of people around the globe with its transformative aspects and cutting-edge features. As a matter of fact, IoT adoption has already sparked the next data revolution with an increasing number of devices joining the network. For example, there are Smart Speakers like Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo and Google Home. All these devices let you interact with machines through voice commands and help you perform simple tasks like playing a song, sending a text message, making phone calls etc. When connected with HomeKit accessories, you can also use these devices to control your home appliances. 

Then we have connected cars, much like the self-driving cars that interact with humans and take voice commands to drive through different locations, leaving a data trail in its wake.  All this is made possible through the amalgamation of data with computing power and AI algorithms.   

In this blog post, we shall explore the significance of IoT app development for customer experience management with some real-life examples of tech giants. 


IoT App Development To Strengthen Customer Relationship Management

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Improving Customer Relationships Through IoT

The first step to building healthy customer relationships is to give your customers exactly what they are looking for. It requires you to be aware of your customers’ preferences and deliver personalized customer experiences across different platforms. This is where we realize the importance of data in CRM and the need for IoT-based device-cloud-device communications. Let us now explore some popular business use cases incorporated by tech giants like Adobe and Salesforce.


Adobe Customer Experience Cloud

For almost a year, Adobe had been working on its Cloud Platform with the sole aim to transform it into a high-end record-keeping system. The main idea here was to collect and store customer data from Adobe Cloud as well as the external data sources. After months of development and weeks of rigorous testing, the company finally introduced its customer experience system of records. They developed an IoT system that extracts customer data not only from Adobe tools but from every external data source placed in its vicinity. After the success of the Adobe experience cloud, it gained popularity as the ultimate customer experience construct that may revolutionize the world of marketing through the Internet of Things.     


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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Obviously, Adobe is not the only company that came up with such an idea. The CRM giant, Salesforce is working on a similar project with its sales, marketing and services cloud. The idea is to develop a multi-faceted customer experience system that may collect data from its nearby sources. A couple of years back, the company spent a whopping sum of $6.5 billion to acquire MuleSoft and use it as a data integration layer to access customer information through the enterprise software. With all these tech giants competing to make a difference, it’s quite likely that we may soon witness yet another data revolution. Evidently, IoT is going to be the most crucial part of this data revolution. 


The Bottom Line

As of today, an increasing number of enterprises are striving to implement centralized data gathering systems that keep collecting user data based on their browsing history. This data is further used to generate a list of recommendations for their customers.  This is exactly what Adobe and Salesforce are trying to do but in a slightly different manner. Part of what they are doing is pull in all the customer data in a record-keeping system. Then apply different levels of Machine Learning and AI algorithms to help companies improve their customer relationships. It (the record-keeping system) will harness the power of IoT to extract customer data from any source of information placed close to it. This data will further be used to build healthy customer relationships. 


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