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Posted By : Manisha Jangwal | November 15, 2018

HubSpot integration

Hubspot is a complete software package offering marketing, ales, free CRM and other tools to make your business a success. As an all-in-one inbound marketing software, it is also easy to use. Hubspot can be integrated easily with a number of tools. Every HubSpot integration is easy to set up and supported by its industry-leading support partners.


In this blog, I am going to focus on how you can gain benefits from HubSpot Integration(s)


These are some of the top integrations for HubSpot systems:


HubSpot-Salesforce integration

HubSpot and Salesforce integration gives you seamless connection in which information is bidirectionally synced.


Lead Intelligence and Scoring: Salesforce connected system assists your sales team to examine all customer interactions and other lead data in HubSpot. This will collectively provide you with marketable insights and help your sales persons decide the best time to communicate with leads. In addition, the integration between Salesforce and Hubspot renders you comprehensive reports in which you can discern about the performance of your marketing team by using revenue data from Salesforce.


HubSpot-Wordpress integration

HubSpot integration with WordPress site has the power to give tremendous benefits. Connecting Hubspot and WordPress will provide you with everything you need for running inbound marketing campaigns in a single location.

Their integration increases website traffic, social media, organic traffic, attract more visitors, turn visitors into loyal customers.


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HubSpot-Zapier integration

Hubspot can be used to send new contacts or form submissions stored in it to other apps you use. It becomes easy to obtain data from other sources and transfer it to HubSpot, etc with this integration.

You can search contact details automatically from other sources whenever a new HubSpot form submission is received and update your contact with new details.


HubSpot-Wistia integration

Video marketing can be enhanced by connecting lead data in HubSpot with user actions in Wistia. You can get an explicit view that tells you which leads and customers are watching your videos. Thus, it will help you with higher conversion rates and ensure you are targeting the right people. Marketers can score leads based on videos views.



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