How ERP System Solutions Solve The Pain Points Of Manufacturing?

Posted By : Devesh Singhal | August 17, 2018

ERP system solutions

Inefficient management in manufacturing business leads to loss, inferior quality of products, more expenses, defective products and safety issues in the products. If manufacturing business is managed poorly then it can have a dire consequence on the profits of the company.  The pain points of manufacturing industry are difficult to solve by traditional ways or outdated software systems. Modern ERP system solutions are aimed to solve all types of challenges a business faces today.

Below is the description of the biggest pain points of manufacturing and how ERP system solutions eliminate them:


1. Inaccurate scheduling

It is one of the common pain points in the manufacturing industry. A team makes use of spreadsheets to reconcile schedules of the happenings on the production floor. Spreadsheets are a good way to record what is in stock. But, spreadsheets can’t remain updated when the production schedule that occurs every day when new orders arrive, orders are canceled or when the customer requested delivery dates change. With the frequent changes that occur daily in manufacturing organizations. An ERP offers real-time access to information so that you can keep up with the demands of customers.


2. To Be Competitive in the Global Marketplace

Nowadays, competitiveness in the business market has gotten greater in the global market. This is a common pain point that is faced by most of the manufacturers. Manufacturers need to maintain a good relationship with the supplier so that they can get material at the right price. To be aware of the market costs and strategically planning of other factors is needed to cut prices.

ERP can make predictive analysis to help you understand purchasing methodology. Manufacturing ERP software solutions, purchase planning can be done efficiently and smartly. Manufacturing businesses success depends on your customer’s loyalty. Additionally, ERP system solutions integrated with CRM can provide customer business insights to increase sales and gain their customer trust and loyalty.



3. Inventory control

Manufacturers have to maintain the right balance of stock in the warehouses. Otherwise, this results in profit and losses as there could surplus of inventory or inadequacy of it etc. So, manufacturers are unable to manage inventory levels in a cost-effective and improved productivity. For manufacturers, it is very difficult to keep track of inventory manually. Moreover, it takes up so much time and is prone to human errors.  Last, ERP system solutions are the best solution as it provides complete automation of inventory operations and allows you to have complete visibility on inventory.


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